It’s A Stretch!


My Beauty Diary’s Platinum + Pearl Lift Stretch Mask is one of 2 special masks in the Firming & Whitening set I bought some time ago. The other mask for firming in this set is the Gold + Marine Collagen Lift Stretch Mask. The Platinum + Pearl is for intensive whitening and toning, according to the product description on the box but I can’t make head or tail of the details on the reverse of the sachet since it’s all Chinese to me. Much easier to read it on Sasa’s website.

This is the 1st time I am using a My Beauty Diary mask with ear hooks. This one doesn’t come wrapped around a plastic sheet like all the other MBD masks I’ve tried. The sheet is suprisingly not as thin as the newer masks in their regular range but I would say it’s not as thick as the older masks in the regular range.

There is a whopping 28ml of serum in the Platinum + Pearl but the mask doesn’t seem to be saturated with serum until it’s dripping wet. I had a bit of a problem getting the ear hooks to attach to my ears, especially the upper ear hooks. The lower ear hooks attach much better. The mask has a criss-cross pattern but I’m not sure exactly what good that does. It didn’t feel any more moisturising than the newer masks in the regular range.

The floral fragrance is very mild and I could hardly smell anything after it was positioned on my face. This mask dries up faster than the newer masks in the regular range and I can’t say I am enamoured by it. There is a tightening sensation when the ear hooks have been attached but one usage of this mask won’t being about long-term firming results. I am not even sure continuous usage will.

So much for intensive whitening, it does brighten but then again so do most MBD masks I’ve tried. The only reason this mask is deemed special is because of the ear hooks but I most probably wouldn’t purchase them because I know it’ll take more than a sheet mask with ear hooks to firm up my skin. I used the mask for a little over half an hour.