Introducing The Latest Variant Of The Vivo Y100 5G In Orange Leather


vivo Malaysia is thrilled to announce the introduction of the vivo Y100 5G in its latest colour edition, Orange Leather, following its debut in February 2024. This exciting new variant is now available for purchase in Malaysia, distinguished by its vibrant and captivating design which embodies the latest trends in fashion and personality, delivering a look that exudes confidence and charm to its users.

The “Orange Paradise,” aptly captures the essence of this unique model for being more than just a smartphone but positioned as a product overflowing with fun and distinctive appeal. The vivo Y100 5G Orange Leather aims to foster a deeper emotional connection between the consumers and vivo while attracting a broader audience that aligns with the lifestyle and fashion preferences, ensuring that every interaction with the smartphone is a pleasure. The vivo Y100 5G Orange Leather represents a unique innovation crafted with elegance and sophistication, offering users a smartphone experience that stands apart from the rest.

Ultimate experience and user friendly The vivo Y100 5G Orange Leather, similar to its previous debut, empowers users by providing an expansive 256GB storage capacity, with the option to expand further to an impressive 1TB, ensuring ample room for a vast array of storage. Its 8-core CPU architecture and Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 chip pioneer the adoption of a 4nm advanced process with low power consumption.
The intuitive Funtouch OS 14, coupled with the Memory Booster, delivers an uninterrupted operating experience, including extended RAM for smooth transitions between multiple applications and support for over 25 active background applications. The RAM Saver compresses applications, reducing memory consumption by up to 600MB, while the App Retainer allows easy access to trust-listed applications, ensuring uninterrupted task processing and a consistently smooth user experience.

With its stunning 6.67-inch 120 Hz Ultra Vision AMOLED Dotch Display, accompanied by an impressive 300% Volume Audio Booster and Dual Stereo Speaker setup, the vivo Y100 5G Orange Leather is hailed as a “cinema in the pocket.” Offering an unmatched viewing experience with seamless playback and vivid colours that enhance both light and dark details, it provides users with an immersive visual treat. Beyond visuals, this device delivers a truly immersive auditory journey, capturing the emotions and nuanced movements of characters in movies with finer and clearer sound. This comprehensive approach ensures users enjoy a dynamic and dimensional effect, enhancing their cinematic experience to new levels.

Equipped with advanced battery technology

The design philosophy of the vivo Y100 5G Orange Leather emphasises both charging speed and user safety, striking a delicate balance between these essential aspects. The device is equipped with a robust 5000 mAh power-saving battery and an exclusive 80W FlashCharge technology which efficiently replenishes power, charging up to 80% in just around thirty minutes. Integrated with the Smart Charging Engine 2.0, the vivo Y100 5G Orange Leather dynamically adapts to real-time charging scenarios, optimising strategies to maximise efficiency while minimising battery wear.

The device also features an Overnight Charging Protection function, aligning with users’ sleep patterns by pausing charging at 80% capacity during sleep and resuming before waking to mitigate battery ageing and ensure long-term health. Further enhancing its commitment to lasting performance, the vivo Y100 5G Orange Leather introduces power-saving functions like the Super Battery Saver Mode and customizable Battery Saver Settings, demonstrating through rigorous experimentation its ability to maintain over 80% battery capacity even after four years of regular use, underscoring its promise of enduring and reliable performance.

Innovative camera technology

The vivo Y100 5G Orange Leather is also equipped with a remarkable camera setup, including an 8MP Portrait Camera, 50MP Main Camera, and 8MP Ultra Wide Angle Camera. Users can use the Ultra Wide Angle feature supporting up to 120° (106° after correction) to capture expansive panoramic or group shots without sacrificing quality due to the intelligent distortion-minimising algorithm.

The vivo Y100 5G Orange Leather also offers the Portrait Light Effect and Multi-Style Portrait features for stunning portraits. In low-light conditions, the Super Night Algorithm enhances photo brightness and clarity. Additionally, the Dual-View Video feature enables dynamic vlogging with both front and rear cameras for great quality video content.

Price and Availability

vivo fans who are interested can purchase the device starting from 23rd May 2024 with a premium gift box worth up to RM99. Here is the information on the price and the first sale of the vivo Y100 5G in Orange Leather.

Launch Date 23rd May 2024
First Sales Date 23rd May 2024
RRP RM1199

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