Interview With The Chefs Of Guinness Flavour By Fire: Chef Aaron Ngow Of Yat Sing Smokehouse


Chef Aaron Ngow of Yat Sing Smokehouse

2023 marks my 1st ever visit to Guinness Flavour By Fire and I’m so glad to have met and interviewed some of the chefs who participated in this year’s festival. Let me introduce you all to Chef Aaron Ngow Yat Sing of Yat Sing Smokehouse. I don’t know why but I got along very well with Chef Aaron even though it was out 1st meeting. Maybe it’s because we’re both “bananas” (ethnically Chinese but can’t speak (much) Chinese and preferred or 1st language being English). But I digress – Chef Aaron is the owner of newly (opened in March 2023) opened Yat Sing Smokehouse in Taman Salak Selatan that specializes in (among other fine cuisine) American-inspired smoked pork ribs. I watched him taking out a tray of pork ribs from his smoker and knew I had to meet him as his pork ribs looked delicious even from the video. At the festival, he glazed Yat Sing Smokehouse’s signature pork ribs with a Guinness barbecue sauce. Yat Sing Smokehouse uses Guinness because of its richness and creaminess. It enhances the smoothness and adds a rich flavour and aroma to both sweet and savoury dishes.

“We are delighted to receive an incredible response to our unique festival, which takes the taste experience beyond the ordinary. Guinness has a rich, distinctive flavour that is a favourite among chefs abd drinkers alike, and when combined with the transformative power of fire, it creates a truly unforgettable experience. Guinness is always looking for new and exciting ways to bring our brand values of power, goodness and communion to life in an engaging and immersive way. Our festival is the perfect occasion for people to come together for an authentic Guinness experience and create unforgettable memories,” said Shaun Lim, Marketing Manager – Wheat Beer, Stout & Diageo Brands at HEINEKEN Malaysia Berhad.

What are the Guinness-infused dishes Yat Sing Smokehouse is offering at Guiness Flavour By Fire?

American-style smoked spare ribs, pulled pork sliders and bacon mashed potatoes, all flavoured and infused with Guinness.

What is Yat Sing Smokehouse’s concept?

We have an American style barbecue concept.

How do you cook the dishes for this festival?

The pork ribs are infused in Guinness sauce and the sauce is infused into the mashed potato gravy. The pulled pork sliders are served in a brioche with coleslaw and barbecue sauce.

Yat Sing Smokehouse’s menu at the Guiness Festival By Fire
Bacon Mashed Potato With Guinness Gravy & Smoked Spare Ribs With Guinness BBQ Sauce (tender and moist with a smoky flavour and while I could taste the Guinness, it wasn’t overpowering)
With the friendliest and nicest of chefs, Chef Aaron of Yat Sing Smokehouse
L to R – Chef Johnny of Kitchen Mafia, Chef Aaron of Yat Sing Smokehouse, Chef Sherson of Kitchen Mafia, Juniper of Juniper’s Journal, Kenny Phang of Defy Media
Photo source: Kenny Phang

How are the signature ribs prepared?

They are smoked at a low temperature using charcoal and wood for 3 hours, wrapped in foil and cooked till doneness. Then glazed for 15 minutes.

Do you prepare them at Yat Sing Smokehouse or at Sentul Depot (venue of Guinness Festival By Fire)?

We prep everything at the restaurant.

Where do you source the ribs from?

They are from the USA as they are meatier.

Is the portion of pork ribs the same here as in your restaurant?

The portion of ribs here is smaller as it’s for 1 person while the portion we serve at the restaurant is bigger for sharing.

Guinness Flavour By Fire will be at Fort Cornwallis, Penang on 2-3 September 2023.