International Buffet At Terazza Brasserie Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel



I hope everyone is having a thoroughly enjoyable and joyful Chinese New Year, whether or not you are celebrating. For those who aren’t, this is a long break from work and let’s make the best of it by feasting and what better way to feast than at an International Buffet at one of our many hotels. In my case, it was a dinner buffet at Terazza Brasserie Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel. This was my 1st visit to the hotel even though I’ve been to their neighbouring hotel, Holiday Villa many times.

Parking at Grand Dorsett Subang is at an open parking lot so if you’re there in inclement weather, you’ll have to bring out the brolly. This is one of the few hotels I have been to which doesn’t have indoor parking. Parking rate is RM6 if you are there to eat at one of their restaurants otherwise it’s at an hourly rate regardless of what time you are there.

Terazza Brasserie is located one floor below the lobby/reception. It isn’t a particularly big coffee house and so the buffet spread isn’t that wide but I would say it’s adequate. With advancing age, my stomach seems to have a more limited capacity. Where previously I could spend nearly 2 hours at a buffet, these days 1 hour is my limit.



They have a “yee sang” station where you can combine whatever ingredients you want with the sauces, spices and oil. Only snag was all the ingredients had spoons in them instead of more practical tongs. Try picking up the crispy ingredients or even the preserved vegetables with a spoon and you will know what I mean. Tricky! There’s a big bowl where you can mix everything together but I just piled it on to a big plate and mixed everything together back at my table. Saves time!

“Yee sang” is definitely one of the real value-for-money dishes at a buffet considering what Chinese restaurants are charging for a plate of “yee sang” (even the small sizes) these days especially salmon “yee sang” and at Terazza, you can even put in a whole plate of salmon if you are “kiasu”. I think I had too much “yee sang” which left my stomach little room for much else.

There was a lot of hawker fare such as chicken rice and roast duck which brings me to buffet etiquette. Spotted was a middle-aged lady jabbing at the roast duck with the tongs picking away. She didn’t like the pieces on top and kept putting them to one side while she picked at the ones at the bottom. I wonder how she would feel if her guest chose like this at her house.

I skipped the hawker fare (seriously, eat hawker food at a buffet when I have that for lunch almost every weekday?) and hot foods as there was so much that I don’t get to eat everyday like these :-




There are prawns, smoked salmon and mussels galore. Goes so well with the wasabi and Thousand Island dressing. Best part of a buffet is usually the seafood. Who wants char kuey teow and prawn mee when you can have these unless of course one happens to be allergic to seafood or dislikes seafood.


Rather small selection of sushi which was unexceptional and a little dry.


Good choices of salads and cold foods including a platter of couscous with some succulent prawns. This one tasted as good as it looked.


Loved the cheese spread as there was Gruyere, Edam, Ementhal and Gouda. The Gouda melted in my mouth, so creamy and soft that it required minimum chewing. This is a cheese lover’s dream buffet.


Dessert spread was not that wide but there were a few items which I thought were outstanding like the creme brulee (image below).


If you love chocolate, then don’t miss the chocolate fountain. Has marshmallows too. I didn’t indulge, am on a chocolate diet!


If you are curious about the hot food, here are a few but I can’t comment as I didn’t try any (too filling).


BBQ Spare Rib With Root Vegetable


Chicken With Cashewnut & Dry Chilli In Yam Ring


Teochew Stewed Duck

Service from one of the waitresses was commendable. I asked for a refill of the runny tea (why is it just about every coffee house in a hotel serves tea so weak that you can see the bottom of the cup?) and instead of refilling my cup, she brought me a small pot of tea. What good service!

The International Buffet at Terazza Brasserie is RM98++ per person.