Inglot Pure Pigment Eye Shadow 71

Inglot Pigment 71

Ever since I stepped foot into Inglot and scanned their pigments, I have been captivated. The 70 colours available are simply stunning and I seriously want to take home all of them just so I can look at them everyday. It was hard deciding which ones to purchase as there were so many that I narrowed down to.

In the end, I ended up with this beautiful teal and a dark green which is useful for all the green powder shadows I have. This teal was my first choice as I couldn’t imagine life without it, having laid eyes on it. Teal is certainly my Achilles’ Heel.

As I had a small sample of MAC’s Teal Pigment on hand, I did a comparison of the two. Inglot’s Pigment is finer in texture and has blue undertones whereas MAC’s Teal has green undertones. Inglot’s version of teal is more intense and vibrant whereas MAC’s Teal is lighter in colour.

Both pigments applied equally smooth and have similar staying power. There was no fall-out from either all day but I think that is largely due to the fact that I applied MAC’s Free As Air Big Bounce Shadow on my eyes prior to applying the pigments with a brush. There was no creasing from either one.

It’s much easier to apply the pigments with a brush than with fingers. I think that both Inglot and MAC’s teal have their respective appeal. It depends on whether you want the colour to be more or less intense and whether you prefer a teal with more blue or green tones.

Pricewise, Inglot’s pigments are more expensive per gram at RM62 for 2g whereas MAC’s pigments are RM82 for 4g. However, I much prefer Inglot’s packaging as the jar is a lot more user-friendly, being wider and shorter than MAC’s pigment bottles. The quality of both pigments is excellent.