How Do I Look? Asia : Interview With Sazzy Falak & Jeannie Mai



Who would pass up the opportunity to interview uber fashionable and fabulous Sazzy Falak and Jeannie Mai, hosts of How Do I Look? Asia and How Do I Look? US respectively? These 2 are the most “happening” ladies in the fashion world and they inspire other women to dress well, look good and have confidence in their appearance.

Sazzy is 34 years old and has had an illustrious career in the worlds of film and television. Every time I see her at events, she is approachable, warm, friendly and even if you’ve met her for the 1st time, she can make it seem as if she’s known you for ages. Sazzy is the owner. curator and designer of homegrown label, Street Fashion by Sazzy Falak. Her designs have been showcased at the 2013 New York Fashion Week, among others. Sazzy has more than 700,000 fans on Facebook.

Jeannie Mai really needs no introduction as most of us have seen her on tv for years. She is the bubby and energetic presenter of two-time Emmy nominated television series, How Do I Look? US and the correspondent for other shows such as the hit MBCUniversal Networks Internationals’ Fashion Star. Jeannie also hosted live on the red carpet for the 2012 Golden Globe Awards.

It was such a privilege to have had an exclusive interview with both ladies yesterday after the launch of How Do I Look? Asia. When it comes to fashion advice, no one compares to Sazzy Falak and Jeannie Mai who are experts in what they do.

What are your observations about Asian women’s fashion sense?

Jeannie :  The weather may inhibit many trends you want to do. Every woman in Asia is living multiple roles and because they are wives, mothers, dreamers, entrepreneurs, they may be judged as being lazy or clueless about fashion and that’s not fair to them as they may be too busy with their lives to dress fashionably.

Many women tend to match the color of their handbags, makeup, shoes, accessories. What’s your advise to them?

Jeannie : Women have to feel fashion and style. Don’t just match trends, feel what you want and give meaning to it.

jeannie mai

How many days does it take to film an episode of How Do I Look? Asia (there are 8 episodes).

Sazzy : 3 days in total from the interview, intervention, experiment, fitting room, makeover to reveal.

What factors do you take into consideration in styling someone?

Sazzy : What the person likes, reference of what they’d like to try, whether their body shape can carry the trend, what colors suit them.

Why do you think it’s so challenging for Asian women to dress fashionably considering we have access to so many labels in this part of the world?

Sazzy : Some are afraid to try and take risks. Taking the 1st step towards change is the most difficult.

How do you persuade someone to get a makeover?

Sazzy : Firstly, get to know the person and gradually break down walls. It’s a suggestion process.

What have you learned from hosting How Do I Look? Asia?

Sazzy : I have learned so many things – that women want to be loved and appreciated. It’s been great doing this show and meeting Jeannie, it’s something I want to keep on doing all the time.

What do you think of people who want to look like and dress like famous celebrities even though it might not suit them?

Sazzy : It’s fine to get inspiration from celebrities but not copy from A- Z. They should choose a style that suits their body shape.


Are women’s clothes and accessories more important than their hair and makeup?

Jeannie : Accessories are accoutrements like what a dressing is like to a salad. They are these to accent the look and one doesn’t always need hair and makeup with the right accessories. Accessories brings a look to life.

You are always so upbeat, cheerful, energetic and effervescent in every episode of How Do I Look? US. How do you keep up that energy?

Jeannie : I have an attitude of gratitude that someone of Vietnamese origin like me has the chance to be a tv host. My mum empowered me to be who I am and I wake up and go to sleep every day feeling grateful.

What do you think of the term “age appropriate” dressing?

Jeannie : That’s a safe word and I hate hate hate the words “age” and “appropriate”. As long as the clothes fit well to your body, you can wear whatever you want. A fifty year old can look good in a mini skirt as long as it fits her body.

What message would you like to send to viewers?

Jeannie : Do something that surprises you every day. If you haven’t had a romantic dinner for a while, plan one. If you have yet to wear a red lipstick, wear one. Do something that exudes your personality.