HABA Collagen Facial



Save for the dining offers, my Groupon voucher experiences this year have not had a good ending. I haven’t sworn off the offers totally but I’ve been buying less. I just had to try the HABA Collagen Facial which would allow me to experience a few of their skincare products. A few years ago, when the brand became available here, I had a few samples to try and I liked what I tried.

HABA’s key ingredient is squalene, a shark liver oil derivative. I am sure most of you have heard of their bestseller, White Lady which is for whitening. White Lady contains a Vitamin C derivative and the Sasa Kurilensis. Thanks to their squalene ingredient, their products have high moisturizing properties.

As soon as my facial began, the beautician started telling me about the brand and its products. Normally, the beauticians during my facials will inform me all about the products used after the facial unless I ask her about it during the facial. During this facial, I received plenty of unsolicited information. Not that I minded that much but I’d have preferred to have some quiet time.

There was a facial massage with a machine and manually, both of which were quite brief. There was also a shoulder massage which was equally brief. The only time I didn’t hear the beautician’s sales talk was when the gel mask was applied so I had a 5 minute respite.


She wasn’t just selling me the products, she was telling me that if I paid for another facial today, it’d be half price. I did feel like it was a bit of an oversell although I like their products. After the facial, she showed me the products and more sales talk ensued. Just to test the waters, I asked for some sample sachets and was told they’d only be given if I purchased a product. Oh dear! 🙁


    • RM38 on the voucher otherwise it’d be more than RM100 but to listen to so much hardselling, I don’t think I would do it again even on 50% discount.