Guest Review : Yadah Products


Yadah has a youthful image and so it should be as it targets young adults. The products are affordable even to those on a tight budget. I passed a box of Yadah products to my young adult reviewer, Lynnett to review.

Words can’t express how young these Korean products that just recently hit Malaysian shore make me feel. FYI, I’m not THAT old but these products just have that über young vibe which I stopped seeing in the products I use since I hit puberty. After all, what better way to attract teenagers than a cute little girl and her funny-looking pet, right? Well, there is Justin Bieber but I’m not exactly a fan of him so let’s not go there. I like the fact that Yadah products are made with organic ingredients; I try to go organic as best I could. Having that said, the branding did come across as a little childish for my liking but I decided to put that aside and give the products a chance.

First up, the Hand Cream, just because it’s the first thing I tried when I opened the bright yellow box. I love the scent, it’s lovely and it’s not overpowering. It’s not too rich and I like the fact that my hands don’t feel sticky or oily after using the cream. It also absorbs fairly quickly so that’s another plus point. However, I can’t really say if it made a difference for my hands because I don’t exactly have a rough or dry pair (I’d like to think my hands are as soft as a baby’s bottom) but it does feel like my hands are softer than they were before. No nays for this product here so far; it’s a good start to my product testing activity this time!

Second on the chopping block is the Bubble Deep Cleanser which has a foamy base. In my opinion, the product name is rather misleading because it really doesn’t bubble up that much, if any at all but I guess the name is supposed to attract young girls. Dispenses from a pump which is convenient and rightly so for a foam cleanser, this product has a very strong orange scent which was the first thing I immediately took notice of when I used it. I didn’t mind that because I’m a huge orange girl but after a while, it reminded me of the old school citrus-scented jelly block car air freshener. The cleanser lathers up and cleans my face fairly well; it also washes off fairly easily too. The product claims to gently wash away excess sebum and deep cleanse pores but after using it for more than three weeks, I still don’t notice any difference with the blackheads on my nose. But I must point out that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling taut after rinsing which I’m happy about.


Next up are the Vitamin Toner and Emulsion. I’m writing about both products together because frankly, I don’t have anything much to say about them. I received both products in 5ml testers; I personally don’t mind using testers but these were such pain in the neck. It was a Herculean task to get the toner and emulsion out from the tiny little bottles. As they were only 5ml each, I honestly can’t say that they did what they promised – excess sebum elimination, skin brightening and hydration. I personally dislike it when I get samples in sachets but this time, I would’ve preferred sachets way better than the tiny bottles. The citrusy scent of the products was tolerable.

Then, there is the Sun Cream. I do not fancy this either and that’s really sad because I wanted to like this product so much. I mean, RM17 for a 40ml sunscreen? I paid more than RM150 for the 30ml one I just recently finished! The first reason this product did not hit home run for me is its texture; its lightweight but too runny for my liking. The second factor is the fact that it turned my face white upon application which really put me off. I met up with my best friends on the first day I put this sunscreen to test and they thought I was under the weather because my face was so pale! And I swear to God I don’t have glowing fair skin like Edward Cullen in Twilight or Fan Bingbing. I think most of us would prefer a sunscreen with good blendability; unfortunately, this sunscreen does not come with that which is a bummer because it had the potential to be a good organic sunscreen.

Last but not least in the Yadah goodie box is the Natural Shampoo. Some time ago, my dear friend of 18 years discouraged me from trying paraben- and silicone-free hair products because they just don’t lather well or aren’t foamy enough. Boy, did she know me well. I know I’ve mentioned earlier that I love organic products and I try to go organic whenever I can but organic shampoos just don’t work for me. Perhaps it’s my long hair (extra long by salon standards, I think) as well as my OCD that are stopping me from using an organic shampoo. The thing is, I like shampoos that lather up well and give me the feeling of a clean hair and scalp. This one however, isn’t one of them, mainly because it is not a bottle full of chemicals. Hence, it doesn’t lather up well at all compared to my usual shampoo and I needed a lot of it for my long hair. The fact that it has a watery texture didn’t make the situation better; I ended up feeling like my hair wasn’t washed thoroughly because I didn’t get enough foam on all parts of my hair and I hate that feeling. Like most of the products I’ve tested from the brand, it has a citrus scent and after all the cleanser, toner and emulsion, it started to get to me a little bit. This product also reminded me of the children’s shampoo that I used to use when I was a kid. In my opinion, I think it would probably work better for children’s hair and maybe for short hair because of its texture, not so for long hair or OCD people like me. I think I would have to stick to my chemical-loaded shampoo for now.

In a nutshell, there are a couple of things that I really like from this brand and again, I love the fact that it’s organic but I guess you can never have everything you want in this world. I think my young cousin would love the shampoo though. Until next time!


Products: Bubble Deep Cleanser 150ml/RM49; Vitamin Toner 80ml/RM49; Vitamin Emulsion 80ml/RM49; Hand Cream 40g/RM17; Sun Cream SPF40 PA++ 40ml/RM17; Natural Shampoo 250ml/RM35, 400ml/RM45.