Guest Review : Too Faced Natural Kiss Lip Palette


Do you like lip palettes and prefer them over lipsticks/lip glosses? Perhaps you like them because they offer a variety of shades in a little palette. Those that are available are generally limited edition which beauty brands come up with from time to time. Too Faced’s Natural Kiss Lip Palette offers 4 shades in cream, gloss and shimmer. Comes with a flattened-bristle lip brush. Fatin reviews this convenient palette which does look quite cute but do the colors work on her?

It’s not often that I come by a lip palette designed to complement an eye palette. Well, Too Faced has made it easier to coordinate eyes and lips saving us that precious few minutes deciding which lip colour or gloss would go with eye look of the day. Too Faced Natural Kiss Neutral Lip Colour Collection is designed to complement the Too Faced Matte Eye Shadow Collection.

This lip palette comes with four shades and three finishes. Shades – Gold Shimmer, Totally Nude Creme, Beige/Pink Shell Creme and Maple Gloss. No doubt these are easy to wear shades but it’s nothing really stand out-ish. Then again, they are called neutrals. As much as these shades look great in the case I had a bit of a problem getting them to show on my lips. So I applied them in two different ways, one to test out hydrating qualities and the other for color payoff.

For hydrating qualities, I applied the creme colours on bare lips and what I noticed is that it goes on a tad dry. So I suggest a slick of balm before applying them. As for the shimmer and gloss shades, they are a tiny bit on the thick side so I applied a thin layer as it can get a bit sticky if applied too thick. These aren’t hydrating either.

As for color payoff. It looks quite decent when I swatched it but I already knew the Gold Shimmer and Totally Nude Creme would not show on my lips. In fact I had a bit of a problem getting any of the colours to show on my lips. So I applied a thin layer of foundation on my lips first before the colours. The only colours that showed were the Beige/Pink Shell Creme and Maple Gloss. I am very sure these colours would show better on girls with lighter natural lip colour as mine is in the midtone range. They didn’t last all too long either, I clocked it at an hour tops before the colours started running off.

Housed in a plastic case decorated with pretty prints, you will also find a mirror and a lip brush which makes it really easy if for you quickie reapplication. I actually like the lip brush for its size. It’s very unlike other palette lip brushes that’s tiny. It’s also soft making it easy to apply the colours. The case is a convenient size for you to slip it into your bag and bring it around.

I suppose this Natural Kiss Lip Palette is great if you want it to complement the Matte Eye Shadow Collection that you already have or plan on getting, don’t already have many neutral colours, looking for a travel-friendly lip palette or a Too Faced fan.

Too Faced Natural Kiss Neutral Lip Colour Collection retails at RM85 (4 x 1.09g) at Sephora outlets.

Fatin’s note: Product provided by Juniper’s Journal.
Editor’s note : Thanks to Fatin for the review and images. Product was provided by Sephora PR for review.