Guest Review : Stila Lip Glaze in Apricot


Although Stila has been absent from Malaysia for some years, I have been checking their website from time to time just to lust after their new offerings. Thankfully, Stila is back at Sephora and we can now look forward to some of those new products making their appearance here. Stila’s Lip Glaze is one of their bestselling lip products and Fatin reviews one of them.

Stila fans, are you reading this? Stila’s back in town via Sephora!! Much to my dismay I have only one product from Stila to review, the popular Lip Glaze. Lol! If it’s anything like a cake or cookie glaze, the colour will surely turn out looking yummy.

Stila Lip Glaze is an ultra-high shine lip gloss in a click pen with a brush tip. If you’re not use to using a click pen turn it over so that the brush faces up and twist the bottom of the pen to a clicking sound. Do this until you see the gloss ooze out onto the brush. This way you can easily control the amount you need.

Apricot (08) is a melon nectarine shade which appears rather light. Once I swatched it, it came out a very sheer orange beige with micro glitter. Apricot doesn’t exactly offer any colour to my lips but it does give that super glossy shine effect. Oh so kissable! A sheer gloss like this one would be great if you’re going for a nude lip look or applied over a lip colour. It doesn’t dry out my lips and lasts as long as I don’t eat anything. It has a sweet vanilla-ish scent that I rather fancy.

I’ve only had two other Stila Lip Glaze before this and I think it’s a fun gloss to have around but is definitely on the pricey side. A must have for Stila fans though!

Stila Lip Glaze is now available at Sephora outlets for RM71 (0.08floz/2.4ml).

Fatin’s note: Product provided by Juniper’s Journal.
Editor’s note : Product was provided by PR for review. Thanks to Fatin for the review and pics.