Guest Review : Soap & Glory Mighty Mouth Lip Balm


One of my favourite brands in Sephora, Soap & Glory always comes up with eye-catching and interesting products be they bodycare, skincare or in this case, cosmetics. I just wish we could see more of their make-up range in Malaysia as I understand it’s very popular in UK. Their Mighty Mouth Lip Balm is one of the latest S & G products available at Sephora and it’s reviewed by Fatin here.

Pucker up baby, this could be big. I just thought that sounded like a cool way start to the post. Lol! Here’s something new from Soap & Glory, it’s called Mighty Mouth. With the tagline “Her lips were so crushingly luscious, they nicknamed her Mighty Mouth”, curiousity comes knocking.

Mighty Mouth is an extreme hydrating super glossy lip balm with XLARGE COLLAGEN™ PLUMP PEPTIDE complex. Described as being able to help boost collagen with stimulating peptides to increase circulation for a ‘beestung’ bouche. It also diminishes the appearance of lip wrinkles with long term use and hydrates with a ‘mountain’ of moisturisers, 70% to be specific, because of their ability to plump and shine. It comes in a translucent Naked Pink with a vanilla flavour.

This lip balm has a seriously thick texture! One word to describe it, gooey. I’m not a big fan of thick textured lip balms so I applied a thin layer. It still feels sticky but it’s not too bad. There’s a tiny bit of a tingling sensation with a minty feel but it went away after about a minute.

There was no instant plumping effect but after about an hour or so I noticed my top lip look a tad plumper. Nothing extreme but it looks pretty cool! *smooch smooch* My lips feels moisturised and comfortable with this lip balm on and it does give a super glossy effect. This hangs on the lips for as long as I don’t drink or munch on anything. After it goes off my lips doesn’t feel continuously moisturised but it does feel soft though.

Mighty Mouth’s Naked Pink is a slightly brighter shade of pink which shows on my lips. Pleasant surprise there. As for the vanilla scent, it’s on the strong side but I love it. Reminds me of dessert. The squeeze tube makes for an easy application. Ooh, dessert from a tube. Lol! Now if only I can get my top lip to stay plump for a while longer for me to slick on some red lipstick and pout sexily. Despite the gooeyness try this out, it’s fun to have on!

Soap & Glory Mighty Mouth retails for RM65 (14ml/0.4 US Fl. Oz.) at Sephora outlets.

Fatin’s note: Product provided by Juniper’s Journal.
Editor’s note : Thanks to Fatin for review and images. Product provided by Sephora PR for review.