Guest Review : RMK W Irresistible Lips in 01 Gold Pink


This is one of the more pretty lipsticks I’ve seen last year as it has an inner and outer core. Not that it’s not been done before by other brands but RMK make-up is always appealing to the eyes. This is one of the four limited edition lipsticks from the brand’s Autumn/Winter Deep Iridescence 2012 Collection. Misty reviews the Irresistible Lips in 01 Gold Pink.


Part of RMK’s Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection, the W Irresistible Lips (RM90) is a dual-layered lipstick with a glossy, shimmery center and a pigmented outer layer which gives colour to the lips.

There are four shades to choose from: 01 Gold Pink, 02 Soft Pink Coral, 03 Beige and 04 Deep Red. I received 01 Gold Pink to review, which has a bright, rosy pink outer ring teamed with a shimmery, warm golden center. At first I was a bit iffy about the design of the lippie – what if there’s a clear line where one shade begins and the other ends? But all worries were put to rest once it was applied.


The lipstick glides on like a dream! It’s just emollient enough that the colours fuse together when applied, leaving the center of the lips just so slightly glossier than the outer edges, and lending it a more plumped effect. The lipstick lasts about 4 hours on me at most, requiring reapplication after meals. This isn’t much, but the light formula moisturizes throughout the 4 hours and fades evenly, leaving just a bit of shimmer when it disappears. Although the item cannot be purchased from RMK anymore, I’d definitely recommend buying it on the off chance that you spot it in a blog sale or a friend’s swap stash ;).


Thanks to Misty for the review and combo image.