Guest Review : OXY Face Powder


The only OXY product I have ever used is OXY5, it’s a brand I go to when I have acne which seems to be a recurring problem these days. I guess I have been lucky to escape teenage acne but adult acne is worse as I’d rather have had the acne days behind me. I don’t have oily skin, just a rather oily T-zone so I wouldn’t be the best person to review skincare or make-up products formulated for oily skin which is why I passed the OXY Face Powder to Fatin to review.

OXY anyone? A brand most commonly associated with teens. Which is why the last time I remembered trying a product from OXY was way back when I was a teen, ages ago. So if you’re a teen and are into trying drugstore brands, here’s the new OXY Face Powder formulated for oily and acne prone skin.

It contains anti-acne and oil-control properties that help reduce and control acne as well as sebum production for a shine-free complexion that lasts for hours. The OXY Face Powder is mineral free so no worries about clogged pores and you can apply throughout the day to minimise shine. It also contains Squalene, a natural compound which keeps skin moisturised and healthy. This new face powder also offers protection from a broad spectrum of UV rays with Zinc Oxide that reflects, scatter and absorb UV light. Not forgetting the promise of radiant clear skin, where OXY’s new Face Powder is able to brighten up your complexion and giving the face an even skin tone.

I’m only reviewing this face powder with regards to shine control and radiance factor. Not going to touch on acne control because after years of dealing with acne issues I know full well a compact can offer next to nothing in that area.

Needless to say the colour was wrong and I’m not a big fan of the strong talc scent that comes with it. The texture is decently fine and is easily blendable. Despite the colour, both powders come out translucent and doesn’t afford any coverage. As for making the skin appear radiant, it does look somewhat brighter upon application but that quickly goes away. When it comes to shine control this face powder really does nothing much, 30 minutes later I can see my face getting shiny and covering it up with more powder just makes it look cakey. I suppose you could have this around in the car parhaps, as a just in case compact in the unfortunate event that you leave your makeup bag at home. *cringes*

OXY Face Powder comes in two natural shades that suit most Asian skin – Natural Beige and Sweetie Honey. It retails at RM19.90 and is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarkets.

Fatin’s note: Products provided by Juniper’s Journal for review.
Editor’s note : Products provided by PR for review. Thanks to Fatin for the review and pics.