Guest Review : MAC Tendertone In Tread Gently


MAC Tendertones were first introduced some years ago and have not made their re-appearance until the recent Shop MAC Cook MAC Collection. There are some who would prefer their lip balms to be packaged in tubes rather than pots, something for MAC to consider perhaps? Personally, I would rather have them in tubes but anyway, they smell yummy and will delight those who dislike using lipsticks yet would like some colour on their lips. Fatin reviews one of the Tendertones.

MAC Tendertones Tread Gently is one of four LE Tendertones in the Shop MAC, Cook MAC Collection. Tendertones are MAC’s moisturising lip balms with SPF 12. It’s back on the menu with MAC’s Cook collection with delicious selections like Tread Gently (a soft lime green with yellow pearl), Purring (a sheer tangerine with pearl), Hush Hush (a sheer gold golden pearl) and Hot ‘n’ Saucy (a soft cherry red). I can never resist a lip balm!

I thought it was a Paint Pot at first as the pots as the came in the same type of pots. *sheepish grin* I have Tread Gently and knew from the beginning that there was going to be no colour involved. It is however packed with fine shimmer which is rather nice to have with a lip balm that comes out clear.

The fruity scent is really enticing. The texture is thick and heavy so you don’t really need to apply much. It glides across smoothly. With a light layer it doesn’t feel sticky at all. It does give a glossiness which looks great!

As for its hydrating properties, my lips feels comfortable as long as I have it on and it lasts for as long as I don’t eat or drink, which means about 2-3 hours. The moisturising effect however is not continuous and doesn’t really leave lips feeling soft, say like the few drugstore brands that I swear by.

As much as I love lip balms, the last one I had in a pot was a while back. I’m always a bit iffy when it comes to pots. I find dipping my finger into it really unhygienic unless I decided to apply it with a brush which is pretty troublesome or wipe my finger with a wet tissue prior to applying. Other than that I like all the shimmer and glossiness!

MAC Tendertones retails at RM65 (6ml/0.2US FL OZ.). Keep in mind since this an LE, it’s subject to availability.

Fatin’s note: Product provided by Juniper’s Journal.
Editor’s note : Thanks to Fatin for the review and pics. Product is a press sample.