Guest Review : MAC Posh Paradise Mattene Lipsticks



The Mattene Lipsticks from MAC’s upcoming Posh Paradise Collection some in slim tubes and there are some pretty strong colours in the range. Camie reviews 3 of the Mattene Lipsticks which are very much Fall shades.

MAC Posh Paradise lipsticks’ rich colours are painting this fall with less “natural” shades. Inspired by the colors of paradise, deep hues reflect the branches and their bright sharp tone remains as the falling leaves’ colors fade away.

Sleek black velvety finishing, rich in color, semi-matte in texture this is MAC’s Posh Paradise Mattene Lipstick.

Potent Fig – a deep purple (almost black) shade resembling a foliage of Shamrock. Semi-matte finishing turns my lip looking a little vampirish or rather a gothic queen. You have got to wear this for a purpose or theme.

Rare Exotic – a toned down fuchsia semi-matte lipstick that reflects the color of “Fireglow” yet less intimidating and highly wearable. Wear it with minimal makeup or go smoky for a party night out.

Delectable – or simply go more “au naturel” with this brownish peach near nude semi-matte lipstick for an everyday look. Top with some glitter and wing your liner, you will be ready for an elegant night look in no time.

You may have concerns on how comfortable it is wearing this since it’s semi-matte. I personally don’t find this difficult to apply nor drying for my lips. It takes a couple of layers though before the colors stay on your lips and because it’s semi-matte, I suggest the best application is with a lip brush.

As tempting as it is, they will only be available at MAC outlets in October. It’s going for RM68 each and if you can’t resist, better give a call to your favorite MAC makeup artist to reserve one.

Note : Thanks to Camie for the pics and review. All products have been provided by MAC PR.