Guest Review : L’oreal Men Expert Deodorant


The Dude who can’t live without his deodorant in humid, tropical Malaysia (he’d rather go out without his shirt than his deodorant), tests out L’oreal’s first range of long-lasting 48-hour deodorant which is a design made for men with its XXL 37.8mm diameter rollon ball that makes coverage quick and easy.

Here’s his review:-

Given the year round humidity in this part of the world, it can be difficult to stay dry, especially on the underarm area.

To help us dudes out, L’oreal has introduced their L’oreal Men Expert range of Deodorants, which come in 4 different scents:-

(1) Cool Extreme , The Freshness Generator (menthol scented)

(2) Dry Power, The Masculinity Booster (scents of clean, fresh fruit over mossy, woodsy notes)

(3) Comfort Max, The Comfort Guardian (neroli, musk and amber scent)

(4) White Activ, The No Faux-Pas Formula (woodsy scent)

I was kindly given the Comfort Max Deodorant to try out. Noticed that it comes with an extra large (XXL Ball, as the moniker states) applicator head.

The XXL Ball is handy as just a couple of “swipes” is sufficient. It has an active formula with SWEAT CAPTORS™ for an immediate dryness effect. The SWEAT CAPTORS™ absorb excess sweat and accelerate evaporation.

I found the scent pleasant but somewhat average, with a hint of musk. In other words a typical dude’s deodorant scent. Average the scent might be, but it did an above average job if keeping me dry. Not sticky and good staying power as well as I can still catch a whiff of it after my shower.

With a recommended retail price of RM9.90 for 50ml, absolutely no complaints and happy to recommend it.

Note : Thanks to The Dude for his review. Product was provided by PR for this review.