Guest Review : Kate Real Create Eyes GN-1


All of us have our favourite drugstore brands when it comes to eyeshadows. Whether you prefer more matte shadows or are more inclined towards shimmery textures, there’s something for everyone at drugstores. Kate is one of those brands quite well known for shimmery eyeshadows. Their eyeshadow palettes are affordably priced, quite often you’ll find them discounted and they are good for everyday use despite the shimmer. In this review, Misty tries out Kate Real Create Eyes GN-1.


Kate Real Create Eyes is one of the Japanese drugstore brand’s permanent eyeshadow palette ranges, designed to create the appearance of naturally contoured, large, doll-like eyes. In 2012, they released the latest shade in the series, a green based palette of 5 colours: An iridescent minty green, white shimmer cream, off white shimmer, a taupe and a deep brown.

The first thing to know about Kate’s eye shadows is that, like many Japanese brands, they’re often packed to the brim with shimmer. But the greatest thing about these eye shadows is that because of the various shapes and types of shimmer combined in their formulas, the effect is an almost watery, brilliant sheen, which depending on where you fall on the sparkle divide, you’ll either adore or avoid.


As for me, I’m a real magpie when it concerns eyeshadows, so I was psyched to give the palette a go. While trying to apply the “glow colour” (the top left shade) I was taken aback by the cream texture. I immediately realized that it was a shimmery eyeshadow base to add depth, which is awesome. I proceeded to apply the “clear colour” (the green) all over my lid, following with the taupe in the crease, dark brown on the lash line and shimmery off white on the brow bone. The palette makes sense, shade wise, and can be modified to suit easier day makeup (less shimmer, more taupe all around the eyes) and looks for evening (lined heavier with the dark brown).

The formula is easy to blend and really soft and smooth, with the light shades being sheer and the dark ones pigmented and smoky. I would advise to use a light hand when applying the cream shadow because I almost made a crater in mine when I tried to dig in with my finger, thinking it was powder. Just a bit of the base is needed to keep the look in place. On lids without primer, the eyeshadows wore for about 6 hours before showing signs of fading, and then went on to disappear really quickly. The shimmer is really quite pronounced and lasted with minimal fallout.


Thanks to Misty for the images and review.