Guest Review : Kanebo Lunasol Nail Finish N Nail Polish EX12 Vivid Yellow


As featured a few months ago, there are 5 limited edition nail polish shades in the Kanebo Lunasol 2013 Spring Makeup Collection. The shades are bright, vibrant and vivid in accordance with the Spring Makeup theme. inspired by butterflies. For me, the nail polish were the highlight of the collection as the shades look so arresting that it’s bound to get people’s attention. In this review, Misty reviews the Lunasol Nail Finish N nail polish in EX12 Vivid Yellow.


Do we have any fans of yellow nail polish? I know I’ve searched far and wide (well, The Face Shop to Dior) for a perfect egg yolk yellow shade, but have yet to come across a yellow that’s opaque, non streaky, with a solid, glossy finish. And while Kanebo Lunasol Nail Finish N in Vivid Yellow (RM56) is pop perfection, I don’t think my search stops with this shade.

That said, I think this one performs better than any of the yellow lacquers I’ve tried before, and I get close to 100% opacity after three generous coats. However, there’s are areas on my nail where you can clearly see through the colour, owing to the nail polishes’ translucent, gel-like formula. Full opacity or not, I think this yellow is a knockout – especially for summer, but I definitely need to work on my patience between coats. The layers don’t dry as quickly as I’d like.


This Spring 2013 limited edition nail polish isn’t the perfect yellow, but for fans of the colour, you might still want to check it out if it pops up in a blog sale or swap stash.


Kanebo Lunasol Nail Finish N Nail Polish retails at RM58/10ml. Nail Polish reviewed is a press sample. Thanks to Misty for images and review.