Guest Review : Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Pink Taupe No. 07


Burberry Beauty make-up packaging is always elegant and stylish. They certainly reflect the price which is on par with brand such as Dior and Chanel. I’ve featured their Complete Eye Palettes last year. There were 6 Complete Eye Palettes each containing four coordinating Burberry Beauty Sheer Eye Shadow colours. The shades are arranged in order of application from lightest to darkest. The 6 shade combinations range from pale nudes to darker shades. In this review, Misty shares her opinion on the Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Pink Taupe No. 07.


Burberry’s beauty line is a reflection of the luxury fashion label’s runway beauty looks, which are often understated, neutral, and more about enhancing natural skin textures and contours rather than overpowering it with crazy colour. Today we take a look at one of the Complete Eye Palettes (RM205).

The first thing I notice is that the palette comes with a set of three tools: a fluffy eyeshadow brush, an angled brush and a sponge tip applicator. They’re finicky and small, and the all-rounder brush tends to shed, but I’ve found that they can be used in a pinch, and are definitely better than the applicators that come with most eyeshadows. I’d still recommend packing travel sized brushes to go with these if you want a polished finish.



Pink Taupe is one of six eyeshadow quads from Burberry, and includes four finely milled shades: a matte deep eggplant-y brown, a matte dusty pink, a satin taupe and a shimmery pale gold. The colours work very well together and are very versatile. For easy daytime looks, I like just the taupe or pink for a wash of colour, paired with the brown, used as liner. Using all the shades at once is perfect for contouring the eyes and making them pop with definition.


I have a little gripe though. On eyes, I find that the subtle nuances of the shades don’t show very clearly, with the slightly purple brown looking like any old dark brown, and the pink has to be piled on to be seen. Texture wise, the shadows live up to the luxe pricetag, being feather soft and silken smooth. And while they’re extremely pigmented, the shadows blend like a dream. As for wear, I get at least a good 8 hours of solid, budge-proof wear time when it’s applied on a bit of translucent eyeshadow base.


Thanks to Misty for the review and images. Product is a press sample.