Guerlain L’or Radiance Concentrate With Pure Gold



There are ordinary primers and then there are Guerlain primers which are quite extraordinary thanks to their ingredients which will make you feel like the price is justified. Guerlain L’or Radiance Concentrate With Pure Gold is definitely no ordinary or average primer as it is sprinkled with 24-carat gold flakes. If you can’t have gold threads in your skin (I wonder if I would dare try that procedure in my advanced years) then how about having gold flakes on your skin?

In this sparkling bottle, the precious flakes were crafted into ultra-sparkling and ultra-reflective particles. It has anti-aging properties and gives skin radiance with just 2 pumps. This has an exceptionally light and fluid texture and is one of the most luxurious primers I have ever tried.

gold primer guerlain

gold primer

Even if you don’t like using foundation, this primer will give your skin a beautiful luminous glow which will make people wonder what marvelous skincare you are using! The scent is lovely as it has a peach note blended with an accord of vegetal notes. The rose, raspberry and jasmine heart is enriched with a powdery base of balsamic, benzoin and white musk.