The Good Co. Launch @ Bon Estates


levy-liThe Good Co. is a newly opened healthy fast-food cafe with a twist, serving what it calls “honest food”. The Good Co. prides itself with an aim to improve one’s quality of life through mindful and healthy eating.

The Good Co.’s key mission is to change mindsets on fast food, which is long known to be fattening and heavily processed. The Good Co. intends to offer its customers a healthier fast food option of natural, nutritious, sustainable and organic ingredients which it hopes will improve one’s quality of life.






The idea for The Good Co. cafe began five years ago when its founder, Miss Levy Li (Miss Malaysia Universe 2008) moved back to Malaysia from the US where healthy food is widely available and had difficulty finding plant based cafes in Malaysia. Levy herself started to be on a full plant based diet after her dad was diagnised with colon cancer and she saw all this happening around her – people getting sick, putting on weight and generally not being healthy. Hence The Good Co. was born with the intention of serving freshly prepared, daily healthy meals pre-packed with the most convenient way to indulge on the go. The Good Co.’s food is inspired by Levy’s journey during the pageant and her travels abroad centred on the art of healthy and clean living.

At the launch this afternoon, The Good Co. offered guilt free samples including salads in a pot, oats jar, artisan sandwiches, smoothie bowls, soups, cold pressed juices and locally roasted coffee. All food at the cafe is packed and served in a unique and interesting presentation set to capture the attention of its customers. Other than fresh food, The Good Co. also has its own made ‘Honest Products’ ranging from granolas, peanut butter, raspberry rose jam and many more to come.

The Good Co. not only focuses on healthy, fast and affordable food with a great deal of emphasis placed on details but assures its is suited for the flavourful Malaysian taste buds. Only natural healthy organic plant based ingredients sourced from the freshest suppliers in town are used, containing no preservatives, no additives, no artificial colouring, no refined sugar and includes super food that is not commonly found in Malaysia. Although the current menu at The Good Co. is kept simple, the cafe has plans to serve seasonal foods from various categories each month subject to available seasonal products.

In addition, The Good Co. also intends to play a part in saving the planet towards a better environment and to top this, advocates love and compassion towards animals with its selection of healthy foods. The Good Co. brands itself as a healthy living destination, hence it is meatless, vegan and vegetarian friendly.

The Good Co. is currently located within a stylish sales gallery, Bon Estates on the pinnacle of Jalan Maarof, opposite Bangsar Shopping Centre. Bon Estates is a developer that focuses on well crafted, sustainable and healthy living concept developments with The Good Co. as its healthy lifestyle partner.

The Good Co.’s goal is to grwo nationwide providing convenient and affordable yet healthy variety of personalised food to people from all walks of life. It aims to be available at gran and go kiosks at all high traffic areas including hospitals, airports and the city center in the near future. The Good Co. also looks forward to supplying to schools, inspiring to change the current Malaysian students’ lunch break fresh food diet.

While positioning itself as conducive to healthy living, The Good Co. is collaborating with a beauty partner to have its own range of all natural products. At the media launch today, The Good Co. introduced HANDMADE HEROES MALAYSIA, a line of beauty products founded on the values of an all-natural lifestyle.