Gillette Launches “Close Shave. ZERO Redness” Challenge



While waiting for the launch of Gillette “Close Shave. ZERO Redness” Challenge, I was observing celebrity Fahrin Ahmad whom I have not seen up close since the MAC World AIDS Day event a couple of years ago. He is as patient today as he was 2 years ago, he’s so obliging whenever his fans ask hi to pose for photos. Such a nice and charming celebrity!

So what’s this Gillette “Close Shave. ZERO Redness” Challenge all about? Post shaving redness is a common problem and typically, few make a fuss. Despite the high number of men experiencing redness, the majority claim to be satisfied with their current shaving regime. This suggests that both men and their partners live with the misconception that redness is an unavoidable consequence of a close shave.

Today, Gillette calls for men to stand up to post shave redness and challenges men to say NO to shaving redness by using a razor that is tried and tested for ZERO REDNESS. To support this claim, Gillette is offering a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for any customer who is not satisfied with the performance of the Gillett MACH3 product!


Take the  Gillette challenge and experience a close shave with ZERO Redness OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

The Gillette “Close Shave. Zero Redness” Challenge campaign launched today, is to educate men that redness is not an inevitable consequence of a close shave and can be avoided by using the right razors.

In an online global survey conducted by Gillette across 14 countries, it was found that shaving redness leaves a significant number of men feeling less confident and impacts the way they communicate and interact with those closest to them.

Having been at the technological forefront of shaving for generations, Gillette knows that post shave redness is not an everyday shaving inevitability. Redness on the face is typically the result of skin irritation from a poor shave, and the quality of a shave depends on the quality of a razor’s blades.

The blades of Gillette MACH3 are developed to reduce pressure on the skin and result in a clean, close shave in a single stroke, reducing the cause of shaving irritation and redness. Gillette MACH3 razor combines shaving technologies that work together as a manual system to deliver a close, comfortable shave.


Gillette MACH3 Standard RM13.90 is an advanced razor that provides a closer shave, and guarantees zero redness. Tried and tested, its nano thin blades are progressively aligned to extend gradually closer to the hair, resulting in a close shave in a single stroke. The blades are individually spring mounted to automatically adjust to different levels of shaving pressure and skin types. A front-pivoting head ensures the razor moves fluidly over the face. All of these functions help reduce the pressure of the blades on the skin; guaranteeing a close and more comfortable shave with zero redness.


Gillette MACH3 Turbo RM15.90 shaving system adds significant performance enhancements to MACH3’s breakthrough technologies. Advanced Anti-Friction blades reduce the cutting force needed to slice through hair. An ultra-soft protective skin guard with thinner microfins engages beard hair and stretches the skin more effectively. The result is the closest and most comfortable shave with less irritation, even when shaving against the grain.


Gillette MACH3 Sensitive RM15.90 is an advanced razor designed for men who want a close shave with more comfort – great performance even on sensitive skin. This razor combines Gillette’s best triple blade technology with an enhanced lubrastrip that has a touch of Aloe Vera to release more lubrication with every stroke and help the blades glide easily with more comfort even on the most sensitive areas of the face.