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As far as crafts are concerned, I have never been much good at any of it. I tried cross-stitching, knitting, even crocheting (can’t for the life of me remember any of the skills!) during my secondary and post-secondary school days. In those days, there were less distractions so I could get engrossed in a craft or hobby for hours. I wouldn’t have that kind of patience these days.

When it came to my childhood games, I remember playing hopscotch with my friends in primary school. We’d be skipping rope and chasing each other. Those were really wonderful days when we bonded through games. There’d also be “picking up sticks” and throwing those uncooked rice or bean filled tiny bags and trying to catch them. I remember a lot of fun and laughter after my school hours as my friends and I played all kinds of games and we really gelled regardless or race, religion or background.

I am giving away a box of Monster Tail™ Rainbow Loom which includes 1 Monster Tail™ Loom, 1 Mini Rainbow Loom®, 600+ Latex Free Rubber Bands, 1 Rainbow Loom® Hook, 25 “C” Clips and an Instruction Manual.

That’s not all because the winner will also receive more than RM300 worth of MAC products.


1. Brassy Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel

2. Japanese Spring Cremesheen Glass

3. 3D Black Lash Mascara

4. Matchmaster Concealer

If this isn’t the Mother of all Giveaways, I don’t know what is. Just a note though on the Brassy Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel, it got a little smudged by the cap during photo-taking so the surface isn’t in mint condition.

If you would like to participate, please answer the following questions:-

1. What crafts did you indulge in and/or what games did you play during your school days?

2. Does the implementation of GST affect your spending in the past few days & in days to come – are you less inclined to eat out or spend on beauty products or do you think your spending habits will remain the same?

Terms & Conditions:-

1. Giveaway exclusively for those who have ‘liked’ Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook page & with Malaysian addresses only.

2. Giveaway ends on 7th April 2015.

3. Winner will be contacted via email for delivery address once Giveaway ends. Please respond within twenty four (24) hours otherwise another winner will be selected.

Updated 8th April 2015

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  1. I would play lompat getah and jentik pen. The lompat getah game was played competitively and was really fun as not only did it provided much fun but also exercise! The other game I played a lot during my school days was jentik pen. This game was even played as an interclass game! The winner will be judged by who can keep their pen on the table the longest without being flicked out by another pen. The games were cheap and economical and also enabled me to meet so many new friends. Unlike these days where you see people don’t really socialize much but have 500 friends on facebook and 500 followers on Instagram!

    The Gst has really affected my spending habits especially in purchasing cosmetics. I purchase cosmetics very frequently especially limited edition ones and with this Gst implementation, I now think twice whether I really need an extra nude lipstick which is slightly different from the one I have! So yes, my spending habits have been reduced, however I think I will still continue to buy cosmetic nevertheless but maybe will think and consider longer before rushing to buy the limited edition pieces!

  2. During my school days, I’ve tried all sorts of crafts and games. Being a child that comes from a mediocre family, all of the crafts and games that I enjoyed required little to none money. I love cross stitching and drawing. I would also collect all unwanted and extra fabric pieces in the house and make fabric patchwork. All thanks to Kemahiran Hidup classes that made me fell in love with these needleworks. As for games, during schooling times, each year we had different popular games. There was one year, everyone was into batu seremban. I got some fabrics from my mom and stitched up little pouches and filled them with rice and beans before sealing them. And I got my very own lucky batu seremban which helped me in defeating many of my professional batu seremban player friends. Hahaha. Many kids and I always go home late after school because our parents were working. So, the bunch of us were always creative and innovative in coming up with new games in the school compound. We even competed with each other to catch the most number of tadpoles from the water puddle. Ahhh… Those were the days 🙂

    GST implementation worries me a lot. On the very first day of implementation, I actually told my mom not to go out and not to eat out anymore. She asked me why and I told her it’s very depressing looking at the price tags. Haha. True enough. The first few days were chaos. No clear guidelines. GST were charged on items that should have been omitted. I thought I can withhold myself from spending for at least a week. But I was out for grocery shopping on the second day. Big hypermarkets seem to be handling the new tax system very well. Well organized and clearly stated. I’ve become more wary with my expenditures to make sure my financial plan would not be affected by the new tax system. I can already see most makeup and skincare items have increased in price. Sigh. Very depressing indeed. Therefore, now I can only buy them when there’re promotions and only when I really need it.

  3. Thank you once again for your generosity!

    1. I played lots of those traditional games until something as internet came into my live. Hopscotch, London bridge, hide and seek, trying to act as super heroes, those paper dolls games, cars, climbing up the trees, batu seremban, paper planes, hunting for grasshoppers and watching the caterpillar changes into butterflies. I also played board games such as monopoly, scrabbles and UNO.
    When I was introduce to electronic games, it was those brick games in a rectangular. Soon, those Gameboy came along and I got exciting playing it. After that it was the Digimon and digital pet where we have to raise a digital animal with it and ‘fight’ with another person. After that I played with pokemon games which involved solving some quests.
    I learn some of my English that way because I have to learn reading for clues to solve some of the quests. In a way, I don’t think games are bad as long it is in moderation. I also learn some communication when I was playing traditional games that involves some sort of communication between members. In a way, those kind of traditional games indirectly make us exercises because we have to run here and there. I mean it is healthier than just sit at home and play computer games.

    As for crafts, I was sort of into origami, crocheting and drawing anime. Now, I am not even sure if I can do that anymore as it was more than 10 years since I did any of those sorts. I don’t know if my skills have ten layers of dust over it. Now, I rather use the time to rest.

    2. Yes, GST sure does affect my spending habits as most of the thing increased but my salary remains the same. I have to shop less and do more cooking at home. I love to buy beauty products but now with the price hike, it means less shopping and more window shopping. It also means more research has to be done online before I actually purchase the beauty products as I don’t want my money to go to waste. Most of the shop doesn’t have many customer these few days but I see that there are many people at the RM2 shops. I guess people thinks it is cheaper buying from RM2 so they have less control than buying for more expensive products. I have to control my urge for sweet food as well. It is really hard when I used to spend so much on food but now I have to control myself from those ‘cravings’.
    In way, we also have to eat less outside as some restaurant tend to charge the 10% service tax but gives lousy service.

  4. 1. I played a lot of games! I like to make clothes for the dolls so I will sew them all kinds of clothes and let all my models to have a fashion show together haha! I also like to play board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble,tic-tac-toe,snake game and etc. Good things about board game is that many friends can enjoy the game together and it’s really fun to play it after the classes. I love handicrafts so I did cross stitching and knitting too, I gained great sense of satisfaction for being able to produce pretty stitches hehe~ Origami is another thing that I love to do with my friends, it’s cheap and easy and we can start folding all kinds of animals anywhere and anytime, as long as we have some papers with us.

    2. I think the implementation of GST won’t affect me a lot on spending because the implementation of GST means that the 10% Sales Tax will be abolished too,so it will balance out the price of every items. When something becomes more expensive, something becomes cheaper.

  5. 1. Growing up in a kampung area exposing me to quite a lots of childhood games. For the games part, me and my siblings or friends like to play “guli” or also known as marble. Guess the kids nowadays don’t even know what is guli. These guli have attractive colors and we will draw a circle and placing in some of our guli inside the circle. In order to get back all these colorful marble, we need to throws marbles on our target accurately. Besides on the evening, I like to go to the small pond or drains to catch guppies and kept it as pet. Free of charge and we enjoy the whole process. Yes, you hear it right is the drain. I bet this is because during the old days the guppies still can survive inside the environment. I’m not too gifted for the crafting part, thus my childhood is more to outdoor activities and not so girlish.

    2. GST implementation, well government decided to implement the tax system so we as people just kinda of accept it. It do start changes our spending habits. For example, I’m back from holiday today, before im back in Malaysia Im quite worry that the things I bought in oversea will be charged by custom as they still do not have a clear cut statement on this. Luckily, I wasn’t picked by them to check my luggage! For normal spending, which I’m quite kiasu so I stocked up some personal care items for the following months to save some penny. As far as I see the situation now, things are getting expensive especially the electronic gadgets, as well as those personal care items.

  6. One of my unforgettable memories was when I was 12 years old during primary school.I remember we played a lot of card games.My favourite one was to play “Happy Family”.Weeks before UPSR,the students were put in a hall and drilled with exam based questions.Those were also the best times because I get to see my friends from different classes more often.I couldn’t wait to got to school just to see them.After UPSR,school was like a vacation at least for me.We were still placed in the hall,and we were left to do whatever we wanted.So,my friends and I grouped together and played Happy Family A LOT! We also played naming countries,places,food,etc starting with the same letter,playing batu seremban,making looms,the classic hide-n-seek & etc.We also started asking each other for personal remarks in our scrap books since our primary school life was coming to an end.We would give it to a person and they would write their biodata using colourful pens and some would even paste their favourite celebrity’s picture on it.I still have it till today! Those memories makes me smile everytime I think of them.

    On to a less happy thought,the GST is creeping up to me slowly.Foods in my college’s kiosk have increased and don’t get me started on the prices of goods in the supermarkets.I am usually a skinflint being a student and all but now I have to be a pro-skinflint.I need to do more price comparisons for things I don’t usually do for and started buying in bulk.I usually only do price comparisons for beauty products but now I do it for almost everything.I am using moisturiser as little as possible and diluted my make-up remover with a little water to make it last longer.There are online websites that are having discounts but I’ve restrained myself from splurging.Money for food is my main priority now because I have to buy food everyday since I am not allowed to cook in my room :/

    Lastly,thanks for the giveaway!! 🙂