Fresh Like The First Bloom Of Spring



This is unlike any Dolce & Gabbana fragrance bottle I have seen, it’s ultra feminine and not as edgy as one would expect of a D & G fragrance. Every night, I watch the D & G Dolce ad on tv, no matter what channel I tune in to. There’s Janet Hsieh walking the cute little dog with the face of D & G Dolce, Kate King.

The scent is definitely very feminine too as it’s so floral and fresh. It smells very light, ideal for those who dislike fragrances that are too overpowering. However it doesn’t last very long on me though as I can hardly smell it after 2 hours but perhaps those who are standing or sitting near me can.

I like the packaging more than the scent, it looks terribly pretty on the dressing table and I will probably keep the bottle after the fragrance has been used up. For more details including prices on the fragrance, please refer to my earlier post.

Product reviewed has been provided by P & G Prestige.