evian + KENZO Limited Edition 2015



This year, evian® and French fashion house KENZO partnered to create a pure bottle, driven by a playful yet distinctly mysterious spirit. evian® chose KENZO to be their partner for is ageless spirit. Like evian®, KENZO’s surrealistic universe promotes the youthful sense of wonder which lies within every one of us and overcomes the very notion of age.

For KENZO, the collaboration is a wonderful match. evian®  “Live Young” is precisely about advocating youthfulness as a state of mind, including an exuberant creativity, an ageless sense of wonder, high-spirits and a youthful approach to the world – emotions that KENZO strongly shares.

KENZO’s Creative Directors. Carol Lim and Humberto Leon unite with evian® to convey their graphic, intimate vision for a unique, one-of-a-kind bottle. The mysterious and strange oeuvre of artist and director David Lynch influenced the KENZO Fall-Winter 2014 Collection for men and women and it is in this vein that the bottle’s motif features a broken floor pattern, toying with the idea of shifting the elements.

Hailing from California and of Asian origins, Humberto and Carol want to take advantage of all the creative aspects of the world around them. Collaborating with avant-garde artists, musicians, actors, designers and many others, they have brought a unique twist with them to Paris. Their spontaneity and experience are indispensable to fashion today. Their mission at KENZO is to instill a real joy of living and convey freshness to the brand, while at the same time continuing to surprise and shake up the jungle of fashion.

Offering a magnifying glass effect when full, the bottle’s purple fragmented pattern is penetrated by a sole lime zig-zag, giving the holder a distorted and skewed view of its ultra-pure contents. The broken-floor pattern is an illustration that symbolizes both evian® and KENZO’s current identity and magnifies the water by altering the notions of perspectives. The pattern is also a smart reference to the mountains where evian®’s water takes its source; the violet lines represent the mountains; and the lime line, a stream.

Born in the purity of the Alps and dressed with a twisted spirit, the bottle embodies a naturally playful energy: a theme that unites the two brands. Both evian® and KENZO share a deep enthusiasm for boundless creativity. evian® felt that there was an obvious connection between both worlds, namely in the way that both brands celebrate playfulness and the beauty of a colourful vision of life.

The 2015 Limited Edition bottle’s design is said to awaken child-like curiosity. It is not just a bottle to be seen but to be held and played with, in accordance with the “Live Young” state of mind to which evian® has always been dedicated to.

The evian + KENZO Limited Edition 2015 bottle is available in 75cl, and will be available for purchase at selected premium supermarkets at RM21.90 from December 2014 onwards.