Eversoft Unveils Indulgent Shower: Malaysia’s First Eversoft Shower Cream Promises Day-Long Fragrance And Luxurious Foam

The official launch of the EVERSOFT Shower Cream

Contributed by Kenny Phang.

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The official launch of the EVERSOFT Shower Cream

Eversoft, a Malaysian skincare brand with a market presence spanning over three decades, celebrated the grand launch of its first shower cream at the bustling center court of One Utama’s Old Wing. The event was graced by the presence of Eversoft ambassador, the renowned Hong Kong actress Priscilla Wong.

Eversoft has cemented its reputation in Malaysia for providing best quality and best value skincare solutions since its inception in 1985. The brand is best known for its beloved avocado facial cleanser, which has been cherished by generations of mothers and daughters alike.

Eversoft Shower Cream is available in 4 scents – avocado, cherry blossom, yuzu, and rosehip citrus

Eversoft proudly introduced its inaugural Eversoft Shower Cream range to the Malaysian market. This innovative line boasts four refreshing scents: the iconic avocado, cherry blossom, yuzu, and rosehip citrus. The new Eversoft Shower Cream delivers a luxurious and rich foam experience, affordably priced at RM12.90 for a 650g pump pack size and RM8.50 for the 550g refill value pack. With just a single pump, the rich foam envelops the entire body, leaving no sticky residue behind. It is perfect for the hot and humid Malaysian climate, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and velvety soft.

“At Eversoft, we hold steadfast in our belief that ‘Nature Provides All You Need for Beautiful Skin.’ Our new Shower Cream Range epitomizes this philosophy, crafted with 100% organic plant actives and developed using cutting-edge Japanese Technology, tailored to cater to the unique needs of Asian skin. This ensures that our products are not only skin-safe but also deliver a premium sensory experience at an affordable price range, offering an array of captivating scents. Over the years, our consumers have passionately requested a shower cream infused with the iconic avocado scent that they have grown to adore since young from our facial cleanser range, and we’ve delivered!” expressed Saki Goh, Senior General Manager of Marketing for the Eversoft brand.

Hong Kong Actress Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) shares her experience with EVERSOFT product

To commemorate this milestone, Eversoft joined forces with the acclaimed Hong Kong celebrity, Priscilla Wong. Priscilla embodies the essence of the Eversoft brand as a versatile host, actress, and wife with a hectic lifestyle. After a long day, she seeks a simple yet indulgent and aromatic shower experience that leaves a lasting fragrance, all while pampering her skin to a level of unmatched softness and smoothness.

Eversoft Facial Cleanser

During the launch event, Eversoft also introduced an affordable facial cleanser range tailored to users in pursuit of hydration enriched with hyaluronic acid. The new Eversoft Hydra Facial Cleanser is designed for individuals with dry skin, offering a non-sticky cleansing experience that provides both a refreshing clean and a comfortably soft feeling, priced at RM11.90 for 100g.”

The unveiling of these exciting product ranges unfolded during Eversoft’s concourse event, which spanned from September 6th to 10th. Customers were treated to the opportunity to experience the products firsthand, with various engaging activities and booths, including a shower basin experience, a gashapon machine, a cotton candy booth, and a popcorn booth.

Watch the Eversoft Shower Cream Video here with Priscilla: https://youtu.be/ck-