Elianto Organic Hydra Toner, Serum & Ultra Moist Gel


L to R – Toner (RM55/150ml), Serum (RM59/50ml), Ultra Moist Gel (RM65/150ml)

These 3 products are part of Elianto’s Organic Hydra range and contains the 3 key ingredients, Organic Rose Water, Organic Hydrasalinol (Salicorne) & Hydrolysed Collagen. When I first tried the products, I thought the scent was a bit strong but having used them over the course of a few weeks, the scent didn’t bother me much any more. If you are used to non-fragranced skincare and switched over to these products, you might find the scent quite overpowering. However, they aren’t unpleasant and I got used to the scents after a week.

The only bottle of the 3 with a pump is the Serum. It’s easy to pour the Toner from the bottle since itis so liquid but with the Moist Gel, I’d have preferred if it also came in a pump bottle. That’s not to say that it is difficult to pour out from the bottle but I think a pump would have been a much faster way of dispensation.

While the Toner is good for refreshing skin, the Serum and Moist Gel were the products I rather liked in this range because their texture is like dew drops, so light and dissolves into skin upon contact. It takes no effort at all to get them absorbed into my skin.

Those with mature skins or who need more hydration may not find the Serum & Moist Gel hydrating enough as the texture isn’t rich but if you are young or have oily skin, these products would probably provide sufficient hydration. I thought they were nice to use because they didn’t feel heavy or sticky on my skin.

Products have been provided by Aivoria Group for review.