Dynasty Restaurant Festival Menu


chef kok chee kin

What better restaurant to taste fine Chinese cuisine than Renaissance KL Hotel’s newly renovated Dynasty Restaurant with its luminous lantern shaped fixtures, decorated fine bone china and warm wooden paneling? Of course most importantly, Executive Sous Chef Kok Chee Kin’s Festival Menu. Chef Kok presents a beautifully crafted 4-course Cantonese fare.



Pan-fried dragon beard prawn with green tea, stuffed Peking duck, seared Hokkaido scallop & mushroom blossom

What amazing colours on this dish and so beautifully presented that I didn’t want to start eating! The little mushrooms are just too cut. My favourite on this dish is the seared Hokkaido scallop, just melted in my mouth and the sauce that goes with it is perfection. Those pretty flowers are completely edible!



Ginseng, white and summer greens, fish maw consommé

The ginseng taste is quite mild and doesn’t overpower the ingredients. The soup tastes very concentrated and it’s filling.



Drunken chicken timbale, stewed whole abalone with chestnuts and fruit jujubes

That whole abalone alone is the centerpiece and I am not sure what grade of abalone it is but it sure tastes like a high quality one!



Steamed king prawns with Chinese wine and wheat vermicelli

This is my favourite dish on the Dynasty Festival Menu as the hand made noodles are astonishingly fine and delicious. Never mind the king prawn (which of course is fantastic) but I could have eaten a dish of just the wheat noodles on its own as the rice wine sauce is out of this world!



Chilled organic pumpkin puree with sago and bird’s nest, coconut ice cream

My 2nd favourite dish on the menu is this delectable dessert as the chilled organic pumpkin puree with sago and bird’s nest is one dessert I could have more of and that tuile that’s stuck on the coconut ice cream is awesomely crunchy with almond slivers and black sesame. The chef only makes less than 20 tuiles a day……too bad he didn’t have an extra one for me!

Dynasty Restaurant’s Festival Menu is priced at RM188++ per person (without wines) and RM238++ per person (with wines) as well as RM158++ per person for a Light Festival Menu without wines consisting of appetizers, soup, one (1) main and dessert for those opting for a quick bite.

Please call 03-2162 2233 or email rhl.kulm.fb@renaissancehotels.com for restaurant reservations.

Dynasty Restaurant is NON-HALAL. All prices are subject to 10% service charge and 6% service tax.


  1. The dessert certainly looks extremely delicious! It must be very difficult to make the tuile looking from how well it is crafted! I think RM188 for the festival Menu is certainly affordable considering that all the menu are made with high grade ingredients not to mention very well crafted looking! Truly irresistible! Very well written Juniper !

    • True, tuiles are not that easy to make. It requires some skill and experience. It is affordable considering you get whole abalone, king prawns and many other high quality ingredients which is why I understand Dynasty Restaurant Festival Menus this and in past years has been very well received.