Drugstore Find Of The Week #6 : Eternus-D Intensive Eye Essence


In January, I walked into a Guardian outlet and spotted the Eternus-D™ Cosmeceutical skincare range. This is probably one of the latest cosmeceutical skincare to be available at drugstores. It’s targeted to anti-aging concerns as it focuses on cell regeneration and repair activation.

The Free Dictionary defines “cosmeceutical” as “a cosmetic that has or is purported to have medicinal properties”. Eternus-D™ is formulated by Swiss scientists at Laboratoire Innovaz GmbH, Switzerland using the key ingredients of pristine Swiss Alps water, skin vitamins, peptide complex and unique active essences.

Since this is anti-aging skincare, there were a few products I felt like picking up but after much deliberation, settled on the Intensive Eye Essence which targets puffiness, dark circles and crow’s feet, like a 3-in-1 product.

It contains a blend of Wheat Germ and Evening Primrose Oil with anti-oxidant properties to condition and moisturize, encouraging skin regeneration as well as Hydrolyzed Soy Flour for firming and strengthening elasticity.

As it comes in a pump bottle, there’s no hygiene issue. It’s much better than having to dip my finger into a jar and there are no worries about harmful bacteria getting into the product each time you open and close a jar.

One pump is more than enough for applying to both sides of the eye area. The texture looks like cream but it’s not as thick as most eye creams, this is an essence after all so it should have a lighter feel than a cream. It’s said to be suitable for all skin types but if you have oily skin, I am not sure if you will have problems with oil seeds.

It’s recommended to be used morning and night and that’s what I have been doing. I find it sufficiently hydrating and it has been effective in preventing heavier eye bags from forming. Dark circles are also not so apparent during these two months’ of usage.

At my age, I have eye bags, dark circles and crow’s feet around my eye area so any eyecare product which addresses these problems is a keeper. With regard to crow’s feet, there are still the same fine lines. I do like the fact that the essence is easily absorbed leaving no greasy feel around the eyes.

This is an eyecare product I will repurchase. The packaging is a definite plus point and it is hydrating enough for my dry eye area. It’s 15ml and priced at RM62.90. For more information about this range, have a look at www.eternus-d.com. It’s available at selected Guardian outlets (the bigger outlets).

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(3) Anti-Wrinkle Serum Therapy 30ml/RM85.90

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(8) Pore Refining Serum Therapy 30ml/RM69.90