Dorsett Grand Subang Mooncakes



Next month, the Mooncake Festival will once again be celebrated by Chinese worldwide. The festival is very popular as it’s a time when family and friends get together for some feasting, nibbling on mooncakes and watching the moon which symbolizes unity and harmony.

Dorsett Grand Subang showcased their “Jewels Of Mid-Autumn” Mooncakes by having their Chinese pastry chef demonstrate how to make the mooncake snow skin (the one that is refrigerated and not baked). Goh Fun or Glutinous Rice Flour is mixed with icing sugar in a large bowl. Shortening and full cream milk is added in 3 batches followed by liquid green gel for colouring.


Once the colour has been evened out among the dough, weigh each portion into 100g. The filling will also be 100g so it’s a 1 : 1 ratio but if salted egg yolk is added to the filling, deduct 15g from the filling.


The mooncake moulds at Dorsett Grand Subang are handmade and pre-ordered from Hong Kong with a 9 month lead time. This mooncake mould making by hand is a dying craft and each mould here is a work of art.


We tried our hand at shaping and moulding the mooncakes and transferring them out of the mould. You need a certain dexterity and skill which only comes after much practice. No one is going to be a mooncake master overnightor even in a fortnight. That only comes with practice, practice and more practice. However, I think Nava K and I did an okay job with ours.

Dorsett Grand Subang Mooncakes available from 4th August – 27th September 2015


Selection of Baked Mooncakes :-

White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk RM30 nett

Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk RM28 nett

Low Sugar Pure White Lotus Paste RM27 nett

Pandan Lotus Paste with Single Yolk RM28 nett

Pure Lotus Pandan Paste RM27 nett

Honey Dragon Fruit Paste with Single Yolk RM28 nett

Black Sesame Paste with Single Yolk RM28 nett

Pure Red Bean Paste RM24 nett

Selection of Crystal Skin Mooncakes :-

Crystal Skin Red Bean Paste RM26 nett

Crystal Skin Pandan Lotus Paste with Single Yolk RM28 nett

Crystal Skin Honey Dragon Fruit Paste with Single Yolk RM28 nett

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