After Discovering Online Retail Therapy I Don’t Miss Malls That Much

At Pavilion KL a long, long time ago
At Pavilion KL a long, long time ago
At Pavilion KL a long, long time ago

As someone who used to frequent malls (walking up and down is good exercise!), I find that I haven’t missed being in one that much. Even when things go back to “normal” as in non-essential goods shops being open, I am not in a hurry to go. I feel somewhat anxious being in one as I don’t know if I will contract Covid in one of the shops. It’s just that thought hanging over my head and I can’t wait to go home as soon as I have done the essential errands or shopping.

Ever since the first lockdown in March last year, I’ve discovered that I enjoy shopping in malls a lot less than before. Yes I can try on clothes in departments stores or dedicated clothing shops but it just seems like unnecessary since I can also shop for similar items online.

As for having a cup of coffee in a cafe, I don’t miss that either as I have gotten used to taking away food. The new normal for me is to stay at home so most of my shopping nowadays is done online. I have discovered products online which would never be available in stores and even if they were to be found in stores, the price would never match online prices.