Discovering The Gloxinia Which Has The Most Velvety Petals


dsc_5682A few days ago, I was back at my favourite nursery looking for hibiscus or mini rose. While I didn’t see any I liked, I was drawn towards a flower with petals like velvet. No idea what it was so I asked the lady boss who said it’s gloxinia. I said the petals were so beautiful and she said that every customer who has seen it loves it.


No wonder. The gloxinia which has large bell-shaped flowers, signifies love at first sight and purple is the most common gloxinia flower. I bought the pink and purple at RM12 each. I don’t think I have green fingers but these plants are so gorgeous. They are delicate too as they only need morning sunlight. I left them outside for a few hours in the morning and the purple flowers had started to wither more than the pink which got me worried. So I watered them after leaving them in the shade and in a few hours, the flowers looked as fresh as when I bought them.