Crystal Moist Hydra Ion+ Moisturising Face Essence


crystal-moistCrystal Moist Hydra Ion+ Moisturising Face Essence comes in a slim silver and blue pump bottle. This is a Contains Korean Deep Ocean Mineral Water to deeply nourish and hydrate skin. It’s very fluid and easily absorbs into skin.

Other than Korean Deep Ocean Mineral Water, these are the other core ingredients:-

Regenerating Mineral Complex
Derived from five fermented essential minerals, this is the element that revives your skin’s vigour giving it a supple, healthy glow.

Perfect-Hydration 24 Complex
This gives your skin long-lasting hydration. It is grown in the subtropical zones such as Asia & Australia and the natural Lalang Grass Rhizome is extracted in France.


I was using it twice daily and it finished in less than a month.