Crème de la Mer



A while ago when I visited the La Mer counter, I was given a small tub of Crème de la Mer which lasted me some time as you really need such a small amount per application, given that the texture is rich and thick. This is the most iconic moisturizer or should I say product in the brand as it’s probably the one product that comes to everyone’s mind when you mention “La Mer”.

As it has such a dense and concentrated texture, I rub it between my fingertips (as recommended by the La Mer consultants) before applying it on my face. I do like the scent as it smells luxurious. It absorbs much faster and better into my skin if I have warmed it up between my fingertips.

Those in need of more hydration would choose this as it does provide much moisture to skin throughout the day but if you prefer a lighter version of Crème de la Mer, then there are the other options.