Clarins Multi-Active Day & Night


dscn98111Clarins did a study to understand the “Millenials” beauty concerns and asked what they thought affected their youth and beauty. As a result, 2 major factors were clearly identified, lack of sleep and stress. With this understanding, Clarins Research discovered that stressful lifestyle brings harmful effects on the key cell responsible for youthful skin: the fibroblast, a cell that ensures the smooth and toned skin.

With this, Clarins introduced the 5th generation of the Multi-Active skin care duo, a new solution to staying radiant and beautiful despite the stressful, busy lifestyle. Inspired by the latest scientific advances, its cutting-edge technology combined with the power of Teasel, an amazing plant extract, this skin care duo with highly sensorial moisturizing texture helps to visibly reduce the look of fine lines, boost radiance and promote youthful-looking skin.

Clarins Laboratories have used cutting-edge technology inspired by the latest scientific advances: the Cell Targeting System. These new generation capsules are programmed, thanks to ligands, to target the devitalized fibroblast under attack. At the heart of this high-tech encapsulation system, used exclusively in Multi-Active Jour & Nuit, Clarins has placed a very powerful plant extract of teasel which has been selected for its antioxidant and revitalizing properties and which acts like an energizing battery at the heart of the skin. With this, the skin remains youthful-looking for longer.



Multi-Active Jour Emulsion for Normal to Combination


Multi-Active Jour Cream for Normal to Dry

The appearance of fine lines in daytime: In response to daily stress, there is an overproduction of a hormone called CRH, which in turn has damaging effects on the skin’s youthful qualities. In response, Clarins Laboratories selected myrothamnus extract for its proven capacity to minimize the impact of daily stress. Fine lines appear visibly smoothed, your skin appears more toned.

MULTI-ACTIVE NUIT (Night) RM310/50ml


There are 2 variations of Multi-Active Nuit : for Normal to Combination & Normal to Dry

The appearance of fine lines in night time: At night, the skin fights damage caused by stress by producing an antioxidant hormone, melatonin. Due to continuous interruptions in the sleep cycle or a reduction in the number of sleep hours, this regenerating process is disrupted thus lower amounts of the hormone are secreted and damage linked to oxidation intensifies. In response, Clarins Laboratories selected ginger lily extract that is able to offset the lowering of antioxidant defenses and stimulate the synthesis of collagen. The skin appears visibly smoothed and more toned upon waking.

All Multi-Active skin care incorporates Clarins anti-pollution complex: a pioneering complex first developed in 1991 and designed to fight premature signs of ageing and loss of radiance linked to pollution.