Drugstore Find Of The Week #7 : Blooming Of Beauty Vienna Black Tulip Mask


My Beauty Diary’s “Blooming Of Beauty” masks have been available for some time now but I have only just got around to laying my hands on a box as Guardian at Sunway Pyramid (and MidValley) was having a 20% discount on My Beauty Diary’s normal range as well as the “Blooming Of Beauty” range of which there are 5 types.

Other than “Vienna Black Tulip”, the others are “Phalaenopsis” for whitening, “Hydrangea” for oily skins, “Sunflower” for intense hyration and”Lily” for dull/sensitive skins. I know that there are other masks in the “Blooming Of Beauty” range but these 5 are all that’s available at Guardian for now.

To be expected of a range that is pricier than the masks in the normal selection, the “Blooming Of Beauty” Masks are packed in a box containing 5 sachets instead of 10. The shape of the sachets is different and prettier than the normal sachets which are just rectangular. The colour and design of the “Blooming Of Beauty” masks indicates that these masks are from a more luxurious range, I suppose.

Out of the 5 available “Blooming Of Beauty” masks, I chose “Vienna Black Tulip” because tulips are my favourite flowers. Ok, that’s only part of the reason and I probably wouldn’t have chosen it had it been for oily skins but the product description on the box stated that this is the mask to choose for firmingand suppleness. It’s not that I believe any sheet mask can actually make your skin firmer but the “Vienna Black Tulip” seemed to be the best option for me.

Strangely, the product description also states that the “Vienna Black Tulip” is best for rough skin. Perhaps something is lost in translation? I don’t know anyone who has rough skin and it’d probably have been better if they had stated that it was best for mature skins or aging skins even.

Just like the normal range of masks, the “Vienna Black Tulip” mask is wrapped around a plastic sheet so after retrieving the mask from the fridge, I opened the sachet and slapped the whole thing on to my face and tore the plastic sheet off the mask. Finally, a mask from My Beauty Diary that was quite thin and fit very well.

Initially, there was a light floral scent but it wasn’t long before the scent dissipated. I couldn’t believe how well the mask adhered to every corner of my face. It stayed that way for the next hour. Yes, an hour was how long the mask remained moist. Very impressive. Each mask contains 23ml of serum.

Overall, I liked this mask much more than My Beauty Diary’s normal range but having said that, I have yet to try the Bird’s Nest & Southern France Apricot Masks even though I do have them (they were also on 20% discount so I hauled 3 boxes altogether). The “Vienna Black Tulip” is excellent for hydration and my skin looked brighter afterwards. I would definitely repurchase the “Blooming Of Beauty” masks especially if they are offered at RM23.90 instead of the usual RM29.90.