Bio Target Technology Treatment @ MednSpa Beauty



Thanks to the nice people at MednSpa, I had the opportunity to try their Bio Target Technology Treatment @ MednSpa Beauty, Publika over the weekend. I’d tried to get an earlier appointment this month but they were fully booked until last weekend which shows how popular the salon is. It’s always a good sign when you can’t get several appointments and have to wait till the end of the month.

The treatment I’d been assigned was their latest treatment and the purpose is to deliver active nutrients to the core of targeted cells and boost-up skin absorption. It’s designed to repair damaged skin and there’s no extraction as they don’t want to put pressure on the skin in view that the purpose of the treatment is to repair.


Before the customer is ushered to the treatment room, they do a skin analysis and that involves sticking my head into this machine which takes a photo or a few photos of my face and they do a very detailed analysis of my skin tone, hydration level, among other things. My head had to be positioned just right, no moving, not even an iota otherwise they wouldn’t be able to take the photo. That took a bit of time but it is necessary to be angled just so.



As you can see, the results of my skin analysis are not good at all. In fact, rather shocking as I have always been under the impression that it’s not that bad for my age. However, it seems my epidermis health level and collagen age are seriously atrocious. Kind of worrying but luckily I take everything in my stride so no panicking.

The treatment room I was ushered to has 2 beds (they have another treatment room) and is very spacious. It has a big cupboard for storing your bag and has a key but I didn’t feel it necessary to keep it under lock and key since it was only me and the beautician. My beautician has 11 years in the industry and I was definitely in very experienced hands which is important as this treatment involves half an hour of face and shoulder massage, a lot more than at most other salons. I was looking forward to that as who doesn’t love massages?


During this treatment, Miss Esthe products from Japan would be used. The skincare contains 5 types of enzymes which retain the natural moisture barrier and enhance skin suppleness. It also has 2 major plant stem cells that stimulate cells regeneration and revitalize skin’s elasticity.


My skin was double cleansed, the cleansing products smell so good! The beautician informed me that the foam cleanser in particular is very popular and they were almost out of stock as customers purchase to use at home. Already I felt like I was under expert hands as she deftly cleansed my face of all impurities.


The only time a machine was used during this treatment was when the beautician applied softening lotion and refining essence to remove dead skin cells. No scrub is applied.


Then it was time for the half an hour massage indulgence, what a treat! The beautician used oil to massage my face and shoulders. My arms and hands were also massaged.


She massaged the left side of my face first and asked me to look at the difference. The left side did look firmer and a lot more lifted than before. I liked the way she also used her fingers to massage.


My skin was so plumped up from the excellent and outstanding massage, it felt rejuvenated. Every one needs to have their blood circulation stimulated once in a while and this definitely did the job.


After the very relaxing massage, a mask was applied. It is a gel herbal mask. They have 6 types of masks to suit all kinds of skin conditions. The mask is left on for 10 minutes.


Although we cannot reverse aging, we can slow down the aging process with treatments like this. This treatment is excellent for anyone with tired and aging skin, skin in urgent need of lifting and firming. That doesn’t mean it’s only for people of a certain age.

Bio Treatment Technology Treatment @ MednSpa is priced at RM280. For more information, visit

Their Publika outlet is located at Lot 70B, Level UG-1, Publika Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur. 03- 6211 4314.