Going Back To Rehab : B-Physica Physiolates Centre Offers Pilates


20221115_105456It’s been a few months since my last physio session for my heel spur. The last physio centre I visited was good for its therapist but really lousy for the receptionist. I was taking a break from the sessions on the advice of the therapist. She’d asked me to see her again after 3 months but I didn’t want to see that receptionist again. Yeah, a receptionist can definitely turn off customers.

Besides, there are countless physio centres in my neighbourhood, all of which would have much friendlier receptionists. A few weeks ago, I passed by B-Physica Physiolates Centre on my way to one of the cafes nearby. I googled them for more info and read all the positive reviews. Then I whatsapped them for consultation details. They offer free consultation which is so much better than another physio centre 1 kilometre from there where I had to pay over RM100 just for consultation (no treatment).


Parking around B-Physica Physiolates Centre can be a challenge although not impossible. I took the first appointment of the day when the centre was quiet and there were no other customers around. The consulting therapist was friendly and ushered me to one of the rooms where I explained my problem. She asked me what my expectations of them were. I told her that I had already visited a few physio centres and their treatments worked only up to a certain extent.

After chatting for about 15-29 minutes, she asked me if I would like to consult with her more senior colleague who turned out to be the centre manager, Nanthini Palan. Nanthini also asked me what my expectations are for their treatments. I don’t have high expectations as I realise the only way to remove my heel spur is through surgery but if there is any method that can alleviate the soreness, then I am willing to give it a try. Nanthini says I can give Pilates a go & they have a 1st trial price for a one-to-one session of Pilates.

Overall, I would say the consultation was very good, the therapists are kind and patient. They explain the treatments offered well & at least they don’t push a package at me unlike one of the other physio centres I went to this year. I am going to try their Pilates session soon as I have always been curious about Pilates.

B-Physica is located at 18, Jalan 2/109e, Taman Desa Business Park, 58100 KL


Contact:+6014-776 7668

Opening hours :Mon-Sun 10am-7pm