Artistry “True Science, True Beauty” Event

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Artistry’s first-ever beauty extravaganza held over a period of 3 days at MidValley Exhibition Centre was not short of participants. There were hundreds of people milling around the skincare and cosmetics sample areas. There were also skincare talks and makeup demonstrations (more on that later).

Although there were ample counters displaying the skincare and cosmetics, I felt that the lighting at the cosmetic display areas could have been better as it was rather too dark to be able to see the colours properly especially the eyeshadows.

The cosmetics displayed form Artistry’s latest collection “Bloom In Colour” designed by Frances Hathaway. The eyeshadow trio palettes and blusher compacts are floral-embellished with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS. The colours are inspired by the freshness of newly budding leaves.

Of particular interest to me and to the crowd, judging by the number of people who were actually trying out the colours in situ, were the eyeshadow palettes and blusher compacts. There were 2 palettes of eyeshadow trios and 2 palettes of blusher duos, all made in Japan.

Blusher Duo & Refresh Eye Trio
Tender Eye Trio & Blusher Duo

The pigmentation and colour pay-off of 2 of the 3 eyeshadows (centre and far right) of each eyeshadow palette were excellent while the far left colour is a matte colour with average colour pay-off. The blue eyeshadow palette (Refresh Eye Trio) was my favourite of the 2 as the slate grey, fresh pale blue and deep indigo blue were a lovely combination.

If you are an Amway distributor or can purchase through a distributor, then the price of the eyeshadow palette (2.4g) is RM108 while the blusher duo (3.5g) is RM96 otherwise the prices are RM135 and RM120 respectively.