Air Wick Essential Fragrance Mist Diffuser


dsc_4701Air Wick Essential Fragrance Mist Diffuser transforms natural essential oils into a fine natural fragrance mist. The mist is automatically diffused in the air, filling your home with the perfect amount of fragrance, for a fresh & natural experience. To use, remove the outer cover, insert batteries and the essential oils bottle.

There are 3 intensity settings. You will know it’s working fine when you see the flashing blue light followed shortly after by a fine mist and you can smell the fragrance long after it has been released. Set it on low and you get a 4 sec burst with 17 min pause, set it on medium and you get a 5 sec burst with a 12 min pause, set it on high and you get a 6 sec burst with a 10 min pause. The higher the setting, the more intense the fragrance.

screenshot_20190225-221619screenshot_20190225-221644Each Air Wick Essential Fragrance Mist Diffuser kit comes with a bottle of Lavender and Almond Blossom fragrance and a Mandarin & Sweet Orange refill. Available at Shopee Malaysia. Check out their specials here.

Product reviewed is a media sample from Shopee Malaysia