A Delightfully Sweet Afternoon With OATSIDE On Their Dessert Trail


Oatside Dessert Trail

When guests/media gathered at MoMo’s KL for the OATSIDE Dessert Trail event, it was still a sunny afternoon but would later turn dark & very rainy. However, the weather didn’t really matter when we were all treated to a non-stop array of delectable pastries and desserts, all infused with the delicious plant-based OATSIDE milk. Prior to this event, I had never even heard of OATSIDE and didn’t know what plant-based milk tasted like.

Why plant-based milk? Well, it’s ideal for those who are lactose-intolerant, it is also a sustainable option as there are 70% less emissions, 95% less water, and 80% less land use than dairy milk. I’ve been drinking it ever since this event and pour it into my tea/coffee. It tastes so good & is no less creamy than milk from cows.

The pastries infused in OATSIDE were superb

My favourite was this sponge cake with yam cubes infused in OATSIDE
Luscious and dense chocolate ice cream, cocoa beans are grown in Kelantan
With Jessie Chuah, Country Manager of OATSIDE Malaysia

OATSIDE chocolate is another flavour that can be infused into the desserts. It uses only real cacao (they use twice the amount of cacao than most), do not add flavours, and less sugar (their sugar content is 40-60% lower than most, and they use raw palm nectar instead of refined cane sugar). The key ingredients in OATSIDE Chocolate are roasted Australian oats, Sulawesi cacao, gums and emulsifiers.