A Berry Natural Shade : The Balm’s Plump Your Pucker In Cherry My Cola

Plump Your Pucker In Cherry My Cola

Generally, I’ve liked just about every product from The Balm from the beginning. They’re products of good quality produced in USA and most of the prices are reasonable. I seem to have collected quite a lot of their products over the past year so it’s high time I reviewed one of them.

The Balm’s “Plump Your Pucker” is a sheer and tinted gloss. I chose “Cherry My Cola” because it’s a berry shade that isn’t too strong, perfect for those days when you want a natural look. It has some gold shimmer which fades the longer you have it on. It’s described as a “golden sienna red” on The Balm’s website and I think sienna probably best describes the colour.


There is a slight tingling when you apply the gloss which lasts for a few minutes. This minty sensation is quite refreshing, one of the ingredients is menthol after all. It feels very moisturising as it also contains beeswax.

The lasting power isn’t great, it does fade quite a bit even before lunchtime and that’s when I haven’t even had a drink so reapplication is necessary. Reapplication is definitely a must after you drink/eat but it is such a pretty colour.

“Plump Your Pucker” is 7ml and is available at Sasa outlets for RM55.