Something Bright For A Change : MAC’s Wonder Woman Themyscira Opulash


Coloured mascaras are not my thing, I’ve always stuck to black for the simple reason that black mascara is the most versatile as it goes with any eyeshadow colour. I would have to figure out which eyeshadows to pair with coloured mascaras so I haven’t bothered to try until Wonder Woman’s Opulashes came along.

Themyscira Opulash is a bright, vibrant shade of blue which at first looks intimidating and I don’t mean just the colour. The size of the mascara is ginormous compared to most other mascaras out there. There’s a lot of mascara in those tubes.

A bit of trivia here because I am a bit of a trivia buff. Themyscira is the fictional island nation in the DC Comics Universe where Wonder Woman originally came from. It was initially known as Paradise Island but renamed “Themyscira” when Wonder Woman was relaunched in February 1987.

Slight digression over with, the mascara does have a slightly curling effect even without the use of an eyelash curler, could be due to the immense size of the brush lifting up the lashes. The size of the brush does have its drawbacks though as I found it difficult to coat the roots of the lashes.

Actually, I can hardly notice the blueness when I look at myself in the mirror. It only shows up in photos, I guess I need to coat my lashes a few more times for more intensity. This mascara doesn’t clump my lashes nor (surprisingly) does it smudge even after a few hours’ of wear although it isn’t waterproof.

In terms of volume and length, I think it’s average. The va-va-voom factor isn’t in those departments but more in the colour. It’s kind of refreshing to wear a different mascara colour other than my usual sombre black.

The Opulash is 11g and retails at RM69.