Uni-Charm’s MamyPoko Collaborates With MBPJ In Dengue Prevention Efforts For A Cleaner And Safer Petaling Jaya


In conjunction with ASEAN Dengue Day and PJ City’s 18th Anniversary Celebration 2024, MamyPoko a leading Malaysia baby disposable diaper brand, collaborated with the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) to spearhead a cleanup and destroy larvae breeding areas at Medan 32 flats, a known dengue hotspot. This initiative is part of the brand’s ongoing CSR activity, #MamyPokoAgainstDengue campaign, which was actively rolled out last year alongside the launch of the world’s first MamyPoko ANTIMOS™ Pants Diaper in Malaysia. 

The launch of MamyPoko ANTIMOS™ Pants was prompted by the escalating dengue cases in Malaysia. Invented and developed by Uni-charm R&D Japan, these disposable diaper pants provide Malaysian parents with an effective, safe and convenient way to protect their babies from mosquito bites. 

The Anti-Dengue initiative effort is also in line with MBPJ’s 18th anniversary celebration theme, which emphasises keeping Petaling Jaya clean and safe.

The event was graced by Petaling Jaya’s Mayor, YBrs. Tuan Haji Mohamad Zahri Samingon, who supported the initiative and is happy with the partnership forged for this anti-dengue campaign. He commended all participants for their effort and dedication to public health and efforts to raise awareness and curb the rising dengue cases.

The Anti-dengue Cleanup Programme, in conjunction with ASEAN Dengue Day and PJ City’s 18th Anniversary Celebration 2024, began with an energetic Japanese ‘Taiso’ exercise led by 57 Uni-Charm Malaysia employees, along with 20 volunteers from MBPJ and the Petaling Health District Office (PKD Petaling), before they rolled up their sleeves and proceeded to cleanup and destroy larvae breeding ares in the surrounding compound of Medan 32.

Residents of Medan 32 and Taman Medan Baru were invited to attend anti-dengue talks by PKD Petaling and MamyPoko. MamyPoko ANTIMOS™ Pants were also distributed to residents in dengue hotspots to help repel mosquitoes from their babies and toddlers by simply wearing the diaper.

“MamyPoko organises #MamyPokoAgainstDengue campaign annually through cleanup efforts, awareness programs and the distribution of MamyPoko ANTIMOS™ Pants to deserving communities. With the rise in dengue cases across Malaysia, we are particularly concerned about the health of our little ones,” said Mr. Toru Fujita, Group Managing Director of Uni-Charm Corporation (Malaysia & Singapore). 

“We aim to collaborate with relevant organisations to create awareness and encourage communities to take precautions and actions to prevent from dengue. As part of Uni-Charm’s ‘NOLA & DOLA’ philosophy (Necessities of Life with Activities & Dreams of Life with Activities), our ‘Dream’ is to provide worry-free dengue environment for our babies, and we hope that today’s and future activities will help make this dream come true.”

“We are pleased to collaborate with MBPJ this year and contribute to keeping Petaling Jaya clean and safe from dengue. Our office is located in Petaling Jaya, so we feel a strong responsibility to contribute to our own neighborhood, where dengue cases remain high,” added Mr. Fujita.

The collaboration between Uni-Charm Malaysia, MBPJ, PKD Petaling and the flat residents demonstrates a shared commitment to enhancing community health and safety. Through these combined efforts, both the MBPJ and Uni-Charm Malaysia aim to inspire more residents in hotspot areas to take proactive steps in maintaining a cleaner environment and preventing the spread of dengue. 

MamyPoko ANTIMOS™ Pants is a revolution in diapering with a unique blend of innovation and care. Featuring the natural lemongrass extract scent on the outer layer, it effectively repels mosquitoes up to 10 hours, is derma-tested and safe for baby. The diaper also offers 10 hours of absorbency through its Big Dry Zone+, keeping babies dry and preventing leaks. MamyPoko ANTIMOS™ Pants aim to provide a safe and effective solution for both comfort and protection.