Tony Roma’s Famous Beef Ribs Could Have Been Better


dsc_8414It’s been years since I last had a meal at Tony Roma’s. I used to visit the outlet in Gardens Mall and I was going to go there when I realised they had closed and so I had to go to their Pavilion outlet as I had a coupon to redeem for their beef ribs. This set came with bread, soup and 2 sides (mashed potato and broccoli) with the 3 ribs.

The sauce glazing the ribs is sticky, sweet and really very appetising. Unfortunately, the ribs fell short of my expectations as the meat was dry and didn’t fall off the bone easily. In fact, I left most of the meat uneaten as I couldn’t get it off. The mashed potato was dry, could have done with some gravy. I had to pour some of the sauces (4 choices) for the mashed potato to be edible. The broccoli was the most edible thing on this plate.


dsc_8415If I had to pay for this meal, I would have complained but since it was by redemption, I let it be. This experience made me not want to go back for a repeat. The quality of the beef ribs could have been better. Thankfully there was bread and soup otherwise I would have been even more hungry after this average meal.