Tony Moly Vitamin Essence Mask


According to Tony Moly’s official website, the name of the brand is made from the combination of an English word (TONY, which means “stylish”) and a Japanese word (MOLY, which means “a place to put style into packaging”).

So my very first Tony Moly product is their Vitamin Essence Mask thanks to Camie who brought it all the way back from Seoul. The product description and list of ingredients are all in Korean as I guess all Korean products sold within Korea aren’t translated into English.

There are some English words on the front of the pack and the key ingredients are listed as “Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Collagen”. I’m guessing that since it contains Vitamin C, it is supposed to brighten skin.

Unlike My Beauty Diary masks, this one isn’t wrapped around a plastic sheet nor is it as saturated with serum/essence. It has a light citrus scent which I expected. It didn’t fit perfectly on my face and didn’t adhere that well.

I had it on for around 30 minutes, it started to dry up by then. It definitely can’t beat My Beauty Diary masks for their moisturising and brightening effects. It does feel a bit sticky as well.

Since I only have this one Vitamin Essence Mask, I can’t comment on whether continuous usage will improve skin condition. Nevertheless, I think it’s an average sheet mask and I’d sooner purchase My Beauty Diary masks.