Revenge Seems To Be The Best Medicine In The Goddess Of Revenge


f085d01065b54d129e214b8ef13d0465Once a famous and hardworking reporter, Kang Hae Ra married a popular tv host & ostensibly she has an enviable lifestyle with beautiful clothes and lives in a privileged world. She is an influencer and author but one day, she bumps into a young man who turns her world upside-down. She is tricked into having dinner with the young man, gets drunk and wakes up with her clothes off in a hotel room with no memory of what happened the night before. Soon a video of her kissing the young man circulates online and her husband who has been physically abusing her seeks a divorce. Her husband evicts her from their marital home.

Kang Hae Ra then enlists the assistance of a female detective, Ku Eun Hye who uncovers the truth behind the video. Kang Hae Ra has been set up and the woman in the video is not her, as confessed by the young man. Kang Hae Ra’s husband has in fact been having an affair with Kim Tae On, daughter of the FB Group founder. Together they manage to film a video of the husband having fun in a hotel room with Kim Tae On and circulate it online.

The other main character in this drama is Cha Min Joon, a lawyer who has an interest in Kang Hae Ra as he buys up her books and steps in to help her when she is brought to the police station for questioning after her husband lodges a report against her for circulating the video of his affair.

There are 16 episodes of this drama and so far I have watched two episodes.