Subway Malaysia Serves Up Peppery-Perfect Flavours And A Brand-New Malaysian-Inspired Cookie


20210385-subwaymsia-w1blackpepper-fbpost-launch_fa_20220110Subway Malaysia is bringing back the crowd favourite Black Pepper sandwiches, to add a deliciously peppery and familiar kick to the menu this festive season, with a  brand-new black pepper flavour and a delectably flavourful Pandan Cookie.

Following positive consumer feedback, Subway’s best-selling black pepper menu is back and will be available in two protein options – Chicken and Beef. The latest innovation features Subway’s signature succulent shaved steak and chicken strips, coated in a glaze of tantalising black pepper sauce, creating a satisfying balance of flavours and textures that pop with just the right amount of peppery heat.While fully customisable to your palate, the recommended pairing for the Black Pepper Subs, salads and wraps is lettuce, cucumber, red onions and sliced cheddar cheese.

20210385-subwaymsia-w1blackpepper-googlesem-1200x628-2_20220107To sweeten your meal, the Pandan Cookie combines fragrant pandan with delicious coconut, creating a sweet yet refreshing delight and a treat that’s hard to beat!

“At Subway, we pride ourselves in connecting customers to freshly made food, through exciting and customizable options that fuel their experiences by serving up flavours that resonate with the local community. Black Pepper is a flavour that the community loves, and we’re looking forward to bringing back this best-selling offering as a better-for-you option. Topped off with the addition of the brand-new Pandan Cookie, it’s going to be an exciting and delicious festive season with Subway, and we can’t wait for our customers to experience these new offerings,” said Samad Mohd Shariff, Country Director, Subway, South East Asia.

In order to deliciously reimagine the black pepper flavour and make sure it is a pepperly-perfect experience, Subway Malaysia has also been on the hunt for the ultimate Black Pepperista – a black pepper expert, who knows what makes Subway’s black pepper sauce truly special. Audiences can stay tuned and watch the hunt on Subway Malaysia’s Instagram and Facebook.

The delectable Black Pepper Beef and Chicken proteins are available as Subs, salads, and wraps alongside the brand-new Pandan Cookie from 19 January to 29 March 2022 in participating restaurants nationwide, with a value offering of only RM18.00 for a Black Pepper Chicken or Beef footlong.

In-Restaurant Pricing

Pricing in Restaurants
Product Price
6-inch Black Pepper Beef RM12.90
6-inch Black Pepper Chicken RM12.60
6-inch Black Pepper Beef + 16oz drink RM13.20
6-inch Black Pepper Chicken + 16oz drink RM12.90
Footlong Black Pepper Beef RM18.00
Footlong Black Pepper Chicken RM18.00
Pandan  Cookie RM2.20