Sometimes Online Shopping Can Be Stressful But It All Ended Well


screenshot_20181202-081802Last week, I was still wondering when the hair steamer I ordered from a China supplier via 11street would be shipped as the status of the order made on 11.11 was still “Preparing for shipment” which got me a little worried as surely even an international order shouldn’t take that long? I’d emailed 11street and they replied that international orders normally take between 14 to 21 working days so I still had to wait a while before that period was over. However I couldn’t shake off this nagging feeling that something was not quite right and my worry was proven correct when I was sent a sms and email on 28.11 stating that the order had been cancelled due to no stock!

Right, Plan B then which was to order the same product from a local supplier based in Jalan Pudu, KL. Surely there would be no problem with this one since they were also charging a shipping fee of RM20 whereas the one from China was shipped free. So I put in my order on Wednesday afternoon and hoped for the best. I was worried it might end up the same as the previous order, no stock.

When I least expected it, the status changed to “Shipping in progress” on Friday 30.12 and by late afternoon, the courier was at my door with the big box. WOW! RM20 shipping fee well spent indeed. I couldn’t believe the efficiency of this supplier and I must say they are very credible sellers. Excellent service and can’t wait to use the hair steamer.