Sephora Slimming And Firming Soft Gel


Although I’ve tried slimming body products before, I’ve never had much luck with them. I’m not very good at sticking to a diet and if one uses such products, I do think it’d be more effective to watch one’s diet. So I’ve given up buying slimming body products as I’m too much of a glutton.

Sephora slimming and firming soft gel comes in a relatively humongous tub of 470ml (XXL size). It’s concentrated in caffeine to drain and visibly reduce “the appearance of cellulite”. It also contains a seaweed extract for boosting collagen, to firm and sculpt the contours of the body.

It’s recommended for application morning and evening on to specific areas such as thighs, buttocks, stomach. As it’s a light gel, it blends into skin effortlessly without any stickiness. I can put on my clothes immediately afterwards without worrying that it’ll stick to my clothes.

My skin feels instantly smoother and moisturised but that’s about it. I’ve been using it almost daily for 2 months and I don’t see any firming effects. I wish I could say I had smaller thighs but they look the same to me. I didn’t expect much from this product because as I’ve said earlier, no slimming body product I’ve ever used has given me positive results. It might have worked on others but my stubborn fat isn’t going anywhere.

Note : Product was provided by PR for review.